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The Best iPad Pro Accessories To Buy In 2022

I bought an iPad Pro and am looking for accessories to improve it. NextPit has selected the best protective cases, keyboards, or USB hubs for your iPad Pro 2020, 2021, or 2022, in 12.9 or 11 inches. That’s it; you broke your piggy bank and offered yourself your iPad Pro.

Although Apple’s high-end tablet is a good productivity or multimedia tool, it is possible to push it further with the right accessories. We have therefore selected the protective covers, keyboards, hubs, or stylus for you, which will help you improve your experience with your new iPad.

The Best iPad Pro Accessories In 2022

It was pointless to make a selection listing official Apple accessories. Everyone knows them; there are only so many. And you will almost always be better served by opting for an Apple accessory. But these official accessories are also significantly more expensive. 

Buying Tips: The Criteria For Choosing The Best Accessories For Your iPad Pro

Accessory Compatibility With Your iPad Pro

Even if the design of the iPad Pro has changed little since the 2018 version, it is best to be careful when choosing an accessory adapted to your iPad Pro model. For protective covers, for example, the different photo modules between the 2018 and 2020 models can be a problem.

The same goes for the Apple Pencil.

The first generation is not compatible with the most recent iPads, while to use the second; you must have an iPad equipped with the coil for wireless charging. This compatibility issue also affects keyboards like Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which requires an iPad equipped with the Smart Connector. You must make sure that the desired accessory is compatible with your version.

How Are Third-party Accessories Compared To Apple’s?

When we think of accessories for the iPad, we think of the Magic Keyboard, the Apple Pencil, and all the other official Apple products. This is why it may be more interesting to turn to alternatives from other brands.

Still, brands like Logitech, Anker, or Belkin offer products that are just as good and capable of providing the same experience or even better. Some alternatives are so convincing that Apple sells them in its official store.  For example, the Magic Keyboard is excellent, but it makes the iPad Pro heavy and unwieldy. 

Essential Accessories For Your iPad Pro

First, there are essential accessories for everyone, such as protective cases, screen protectors, chargers, and headphones. These accessories will help you protect your precious iPad Pro or improve your everyday use experience, whatever you do with your iPad. A screen protector, for example, will prevent your iPad screen from shattering after a fall because you fell asleep watching a movie on your sofa.

Then there are more targeted accessories, such as styluses, keyboards, or hubs. This accessory is intended to improve productivity and fit more into professional use. A keyboard can be handy for a student who uses their iPad Pro to grade their lessons, as can a USB-C hub with an SD card slot help a photographer quickly transfer their photos.

The Best Protective Case For Your iPad Pro: ZUGU Muse Case

Our recommendation for a protective case for your iPad Pro is the ZUGU Muse Case. This rugged, chic-looking case is the best way to protect your iPad Pro. It fully protects your iPad while offering two slots for the Apple Pencil and an adjustable magnetic kickstand to adapt the viewing angle.

The ZUGU Muse Case is slim and luxurious, thanks to its leather-like TPU coating. The case has a magnetic back, so it can be attached to metal surfaces like a fridge when you’re in your kitchen. The Muse Case has also been designed to help heat dissipation from the iPad.

On the top, ZUGU has provided a notch allowing you to always benefit from the wireless charging of the Apple Pencil. You can get the ZUGU Muse Case for $75.99, and there are versions for the 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro.

The Best Screen Protector For Your iPad Pro: PaperLike

It is equally essential to protect the screen of your iPad. We have chosen to recommend the PaperLike screen protector to you. It is a plastic screen protector with the advantage of being easy to clean. The PaperLike screen protector has the particularity of being particularly suitable for use with a stylus. Its slightly rough texture gives the impression of writing on actual paper. 

It should thus delight students who take a lot of notes or graphic designers for their drawings and sketches. The PaperLike screen protector has the disadvantage of considerably reducing the brightness and a little the screen’s sharpness. The protection costs 34 € in its version for the iPad Pro. 

The Best Keyboard For Your iPad Pro: Logitech Combo Touch

What should be added to an iPad to turn it into a computer? A keyboard! In addition to offering a pleasant touch, it incorporates function keys and a trackpad that makes it complet. The Logitech combo touch consists of a protective shell that covers your iPad Pro and a keyboard in the base. The keys are backlit, and the hull part has a crutch to adjust the viewing angle to your liking to work comfortably. 

The set is relatively thin and, therefore, easily transportable. The keyboard has a nice rough fabric texture, and it’s detachable. The other strong point of the Logitech combo touch is that it connects via the Smart Connector, which allows it to have no autonomy problem and to be automatically recognized by the iPad. You will currently find it for less than 100 euros.

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The Best Hub For Your iPad Pro: UGREEN USB C Hub

The iPad Pro is a convincing alternative to traditional PCs and, therefore, a fundamental work tool. But in reality, working with a “computer” with only one port is intricate. That’s why the USB-C hub has become the essential accessory for anyone who wants to work seriously with their iPad Pro. The UGREEN USB-C Hub is one of the best hubs on the market.

This hub will allow you to increase the basic possibilities offered by your iPad Pro by adding an HDMI port to connect an external screen, a USB-A port to connect your keys and hard drives, or an SD port to import all your Pictures. Some versions of the UGREEN USB hub go further and include an Ethernet port or a VGA port. The standard version with 3 USB-A ports, an SD port, a micro SD port, and an HDMI port costs 29.99 euros. 

The Best Stand For Your iPad Pro: Twelve South HoverBar Duo

Rather than laying your iPad Pro flat and bending over uncomfortably to view its contents, investing in a stand for your iPad might be a good idea. The HoverBar Duo is the best compromise regarding iPad support for us.

It offers the stability of a fixed mindset with the added flexibility that makes it very practical. You can mount your iPad in landscape or portrait mode, and the HoverBar Duo allows you to easily adjust the height and angle to adapt to your work environment. 

Its lightweight design may cause concern due to the weight of the iPad, but the solid base, which has a slot to accommodate a stylus, makes the whole thing very stable. The HoverBarDuo can also be stored in a bag. The second generation even allows you to detach the arm and attach it to the edge of your desk, for example. If you want to buy it, its price is around 90 euros.

The Best Apple Pencil Alternative: Adonit Pixel Active

The Apple Pencil is arguably the best stylus for your iPad Pro. But its price pushes to move towards more affordable alternatives. The Adonit Pixel Active is a good option if you want to write without breaking the bank on your iPad. It is a stylus that can be described as premium with its sleek design, something reminiscent of the chic side of the Apple Pencil 2.

The Adonit Pixel Active will allow you to be more productive by taking handwritten notes so that you don’t forget your ideas or draw, thus turning your iPad into a graphics tablet. The stylus is also handy for helping you sign documents, fill out forms, and more. It is, therefore, an excellent alternative for drawing. The Adonit Pixel Active has a battery life of 15 hours and recharges via USB-C. It connects via Bluetooth, which makes it compatible with many iPads.

The Best Charger For Your iPad Pro

You don’t need to buy any other charger than the one provided by Apple.  But if you want a more powerful charger to use with your smartphone or laptop, we have a full selection of the best USB-C fast chargers for you to check out.  In this selection, the Ugreen Nexode 100W charger is the best choice.