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Apple Watch Ultra Will Be 3D Printed

Apple Watch Ultra: As notable examiner Ming-Chi Kuo indicated, Apple could involve 3D printing to make parts for its new smartwatch.

A few rather fascinating reports have been springing up on the web about Apple’s new premium smartwatch, the Apple Watch Ultra Series 2, which, as indicated by notable gadgets market investigator Ming-Chi Kuo, could be made utilizing a 3D printing process. Whenever affirmed, this data could decrease creation costs and direct the Cupertino organization towards various creation strategies and materials.

Apple Watch Ultra And 3D printing

As per Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is utilizing 3D printing to make a few mechanical parts (in titanium) of its second Apple Watch Ultra era. Even though it has not been demonstrated what parts will be made with this framework, Ming-Chi Kuo is persuaded that this decision will further develop creation times and significantly decrease costs.

As indicated by bits of gossip, this creation strategy would incorporate different parts which, right now, are made utilizing CNC ( Mechanized Mathematical Control ) with processes performed with exemplary devices (like a machine, for instance); however, overseen by the machines. 

Frankly, regardless of 3D printing, PC Mathematical Control ought to, in any case, be essential for the creation cycle, yet it ought to concern fewer parts. A dependable framework yet one that requires higher assembling times and expenses and a lot bigger and more convoluted hardware than an easier (and substantially more adaptable) 3D printer. 

Talking about 3D printers, once more, as per Ming-Chi Kuo, the Cupertino-put-together organization would have depended on IPG Photonics (for the lasers to be utilized in the creation cycle) and on Farsoon and BLT for the genuine printers. After the tests, if the items follow the quality principles forced by Apple, the hardware monster could consider utilizing the 3D printing cycle to deliver a steadily expanding number of parts, maybe not just planned for the Apple Watch Ultra.

What We Know About The New Apple Watch Ultra

Natural heir of the first (and highly appreciated, despite the very high price) Apple Watch Ultra (in the photo), the new model, according to what DSCC’s Ross Young revealed, should have a MicroLED display, a much more efficient solution than an OLED screen which thanks with significantly reduced consumption it should also guarantee a longer battery life.

A MicroLED display would be much less prone to screen burn-in, thus avoiding discoloration of some portions of the screen, especially those where static images are shown longer. 

Furthermore, such a solution would also ensure higher contrast and better response time. However, despite the excellent premises, using this technology could cause quite a few problems for Apple, first of all, a very high production cost, which would also increase the final price of the device. In recent years, the Cupertino company has invested heavily in this regard to break away from Samsung Display and be self-sufficient in producing components to be used for its products.

But at the moment, this may not be possible yet, and the arrival of MicroLED displays will most likely slip to 2026, at least according to a report shared by Trendforce. Also, for this reason, the use of 3D printing anticipated by Ming-Chi Kuo could play a key role in the future of Apple, which could be able to reduce the production costs of mechanical components to be invested elsewhere.

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