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Make Apple Watch Calls without A Cell Phone: Here’s How!

You can make calls with the Apple Watch—even without a cell phone. This article will show you what you need and how it works.

Making Apple Watch Calls The Requirements

It would help if you met a couple of prerequisites to settle decisions with an Apple Watch.

  1. Cell model: The Apple Watch comes in GPS and GPS+Cellular variants. With an Apple Watch SE with Cell or Apple Watch Series 8 with Cell, you can use your SIM card to settle decisions – even without wireless.
  2. eSIM required: On the off chance that you have an Apple Watch with Cell, you need an eSIM. This is electronic and can be requested from your versatile administrator.

Call Friends From Apple Watch

You can use the Apple Watch to make calls – even without a cell phone if you have a cellular model. This works either via the address book on the Apple Watch or with Siri via voice control.

Calling With The Apple Watch Via Address Book

  1. First, unlock your Apple Watch.
  2. Then search for the Phone app. It is already pre-installed on every Apple Watch.
  3. Now select a contact from the address book that you want to call.
  4. Tap the person to start the call.

Make Calls With The Apple Watch Via Siri

Alternatively, you can also use Siri to make calls. You can say the following:

  1. Dial a phone number: “Hey Siri, dial [phone number].” 

Make Apple Watch Calls Without A Cell Phone: Answer Calls

When you get a call, you can quickly answer it. Just tap the green phone that appears when someone calls you. It looks similar to what you are used to on your iPhone. You can turn the wheel if you want to adjust the volume (“Digital Crown”). If you turn it up, the call will be louder. Otherwise, lower the volume.

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Calling With The Apple Watch Does Not Work

Making calls with the Apple Watch may not work. We have summarized common problem solutions for you:

  1. Activate eSIM profile: Have you already set up an eSIM profile for your mobile operator? You can check by opening the “Watch” app on your iPhone and, under “Cellular,” check if you have an active profile set up.
  2. Is the mobile phone plan compatible? Some carriers have previously offered plans for the Apple Watch but no longer do so. Check whether your provider still has an active eSIM profile that can be used on the Apple Watch. You can also find a list at Apple.
  3. Install updates: There may be a problem with calling if a faulty update has been installed. You can check if there is a new update that fixes this issue.
  4. Reset Apple Watch: Sometimes, it helps if you reset your Apple Watch or unpair the Apple Watch. Settings are removed and set again.

The Essentials In Brief

  1. You can make calls with the Apple Watch using the Phone app or Siri. For this, you need a cellular model and an active eSIM tariff.
  2. You can also take calls. Tap on the green handset.
  3. If you cannot make calls with the Apple Watch, it is often because no eSIM profile is active or the provider is incompatible. If that doesn’t help, you should install all updates or reset the clock.