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Temporary Email: What It Is And How It Works, The Best Sites

A temporary email is helpful to avoid receiving intrusive advertising messages and spam: let’s find out how they work and which are the best sites to create them

Managing a mailbox can be more complicated than it seems. Every time you subscribe to a service (for example, a newsletter) with an email address, if the recipient needs to manage the data carefully, you risk being flooded with SPAM, advertising or invasive material. To prevent this from happening, a temporary email can be used.

It is a solution to be adopted with the proper attention to avoid entering it for registrations on sites, e-commerce and other portals that are accessed for long periods or repeatedly. To use temporary emails with awareness, you must know all their characteristics. It is advisable to choose the site to make them well, to avoid wasting time and unpleasant problems or invasion of privacy.

Temporary Email: What It Is And How It Works

The name suggests it: the temporary email is an email address with a limited time duration. After a certain period, which usually coincides with that necessary to allow the user to satisfy his needs, it disappears and can no longer be accessed. 

The temporary mailbox can be used just like any other: to receive content and, in most cases, send it. The deadlines for temporary emails can be different based on the service used. They can last for just a few minutes or several days.

Temporary Email: When To Use It And When To Avoid It

The temporary email can be used in many cases. It is ideal for subscriptions to newsletters, forums, blogs or e-commerce that you do not use regularly or want to use only sporadic. 

It is helpful to avoid clogging up the email box in which work emails or other helpful information of other material is received. Above all, it allows you to avoid SPAM or promotional emails in which you have no interest, hacking or phishing attempts.

Creating a temporary email is only sometimes a good idea. Sometimes, it is preferable to opt for a classic email to manage the most critical conversations containing confidential information and sensitive data. 

When using a temporary email, it is always a good idea to make sure that you have not received confidential information or that you have deleted all messages containing them before leaving the portal: the same address could be used by others.

The Best Sites To Create A Temporary Email

There are many sites on the web that you can use to create a temporary email. They all offer the same service, but to understand the most useful one for your needs, you need to pay attention to the details, such as the time in which it is allowed to use it. A good site must:

  • Allow the creation of the email in a few clicks
  • Do not request personal information and sensitive user data
  • The address must remain anonymous
  • Allow the creation of more than one temporary email address
  • Offer a simple, intuitive and functional interface
  • Allow temporary email storage just like a real mailbox 


Temp mail is one of the sites where you can create temporary emails to receive the content you need or to register on other platforms. It guarantees temporary, secure, anonymous, free and disposable email addresses.

On the home page of the official site, it is possible to obtain one’s disposable email address and use the email box for as long as necessary. Refresh the page or click the Change button to get a new one.

To get even more benefits, you can sign up for a subscription that starts at $10 a month and allows you, among other things, to use up to ten addresses simultaneously.


With YOPmail, you can have a temporary email address by choosing it personally. You can access the inboxes without making a preliminary registration and without having any password. 

All messages are automatically deleted after 8 days or can be deleted manually. With the address created on YOPmail, it is impossible to start conversations and send messages to other addresses. The site is available in nine languages, including Italian.

To prevent others from accessing your messages, it is advisable to choose a complicated name for your temporary email address, which is unlikely to be chosen by others. Whoever uses the same address can read all the contents in the relevant mailbox.

10-Minute Email

10-minute email is a portal available in numerous languages, including Italian, which allows the creation of email addresses that can be deleted in precisely ten minutes. It is ideal for carrying out quick operations.

A first address is provided once the site is accessed, and a countdown is started. If time is insufficient, another ten minutes may be required up to a maximum of one hundred minutes. It does not provide custom mailboxes, only randomly generated ones. 

The site is optimized for mobile devices. You can request a new address before the time limit expires if you need to. A newly expired email can be recovered quickly until it is deleted from the system. 

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is a service that does not require registration and assigns an email address randomly. The time limit is one hour, and the messages are kept throughout this period. The logs are deleted after 24 hours, and from that moment, it will no longer be possible to find an email.

With Guerrilla Mail, it not only allows you to receive emails, but you can also send them, albeit with limitations. A single address can be entered, and no CC or BCC is possible. Attachments of up to 150mb are allowed.

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