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How To Delete An Instagram Account

Instagram is a social network loved by many people around the world. If the app experience is unsatisfactory, you can delete your account: here’s how

Social media that focuses on video content and images, Instagram is among the most famous and used platforms in the world. Launched on the web in October 2010, its subscribers have grown yearly, attracting a heterogeneous and particularly active audience.

In Italy alone, according to what is reported in the Global Digital Report of We are social in collaboration with Hootsuite, in 2022, there will be 27.50 million subscribers, with a 10% growth compared to the previous year. More than half of web users have an account on the platform, ranking second in the most popular immediately after WhatsApp.

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An extraordinary success, explained by the numerous features of Instagram and the tendency to constantly update and improve to remain competitive even in the face of the emergence of innovative platforms. The goal is to satisfy all requests and needs, even emerging ones, of web users.

Among the most appreciated features is the ease of use. Instagram has an intuitive interface, allowing even those unfamiliar with digital tools to enjoy the content published by companies, creators, influencers, friends, and relatives. Performing actions, such as registering or deleting your account from the social network, is straightforward.

Instagram: All The Features That Make The App Loved

  • There are many reasons that have led Instagram to become one of the most popular platforms in Italy and the world, with low abandonment rates. It is perfect for image and photography lovers, who can find new visual content daily.
  • On Instagram, you can publish posts of two types: images or videos. These appear in the sharer’s Profile in chronological order and the feed of his followers. You can apply a series of filters or adjust elements such as brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, color, hue, highlights, and more.
  • The set of tools made available by Instagram allows users to unleash their creativity and produce original and captivating content.
  • Posts can add a caption, tag, or location and can be posted simultaneously to other Instagram accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Another content format that can be shared on the platform is Reels: short, engaging, and captivating videos.
  • Instagram offers the possibility of publishing Stories, images, or videos in a vertical format that remains visible only for 24 hours. You can go live and interact with your audience or go shopping in the Shop section. 
  • It is a complete social network. People can talk to other users with private messages and comments or show appreciation for the content with likes. You can use it to socialize with others, promote your business or company, or entertain yourself.
  • Registration for Instagram is free, and to use it to its full potential, download the application for mobile devices compatible with iOS and Android. If the experience on the platform is unsatisfactory, the Profile can be definitively deleted.

Instagram, How To Deactivate Your Account

  • Those who want to take a break from social media can find information on how to delete an Instagram account or temporarily deactivate it. These are simple and fast procedures, consisting of a few short steps and the same on all platforms.
  • The account can be deactivated for a short period. In this case, the Profile, photos, comments, and all interactions are hidden until reactivation occurs via new access to the platform. Deactivation can only be done once a week and can only be done from a computer, mobile browser, or the Instagram iPhone app.
  • To continue deactivation, log in to Instagram and click on your profile picture. Press on Profile and then on Modify Profile. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and select Temporarily disable my account. Confirm by clicking on Yes.

Instagram, How To Delete Your Account

Alternatively, you can permanently delete the Profile. All photos, videos, interactions, and information posted on the social network will be irreversibly removed. Once deleted, you can rejoin Instagram using the same username. 

It is advisable to back up all the material on the platform before proceeding with the definitive deletion of the account. Please log in to continue the deletion process, which can only be done from a computer, mobile browser, or iPhone app.

From your computer, go to the Delete Your Instagram Account page. Select, in the drop-down menu, the reason why you decided to leave the platform. Enter your password and click Delete [Username]. Your account and all related information will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

If you want to proceed with the elimination using an iPhone, tap on the profile picture at the bottom right, then on the hamburger menu at the top right, and click on the gear, the settings symbol. Touch Accounts and Delete Account. 

Continue through the Instagram wizard by clicking Delete Account, then Continue Deleting Account. Select the reason behind leaving the social network and enter your password. Finally, select Delete [username] and press OK to confirm.