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CRO: How Do You Increase Your Conversion Rate Thanks To Your SEO Audit?

Optimizing your website’s natural referencing (SEO) is an essential step to improve the visibility and notoriety of your brand on the Internet, thus generating web traffic. However, working on your SEO is not necessarily enough to convert your visitors into leads and customers. But traffic is utterly useless if it does not result in conversions. The idea is to optimize your website to improve your conversion rate while respecting the SEO rules, guaranteeing you visibility and web traffic. 

This is where a new marketing approach comes in: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). However, this approach should not supplant SEO work. By being complementary, SEO and CRO will give you significant results. How do you bring your SEO strategy towards a CRO strategy? The SEO audit of your site can help you achieve this.

How Do You Take Advantage Of Your SEO Audit In A CRO Approach?

An SEO audit gives you a technical diagnosis of your website by analyzing the crawl, indexing, links, structure, or content relating to the site. All these points analyzed will be recommendations to be implemented to improve the SEO of your website. These points also promote a better user experience synonymous with an increased conversion rate.

Reduce The Loading Speed Of Web Pages

The loading time of a site’s pages, or more broadly, the performance of a site, is one of the criteria that Google considers in its ranking of positioned sites. The tools developed to analyze page loading speed (PageSpeed, Test My Site) prove that it is an SEO criterion. But it is also an essential criterion for users.

So, you can’t expect to convert if your site takes too long to load. Visitors will have already left the page a long time ago. So, you know what you must do to improve your conversion rate. Use PageSpeed ​​Insights, Test My Site, or Mobile-Friendly Test to test your site’s loading speed and determine what areas you need to improve to optimize your conversion rate.

Adapt Your Site To Mobile

You know that mobile is now the most popular medium for Internet searches. As with loading speed, it became an SEO criterion considered by Google’s algorithm, primarily when the Mobile First Index was implemented in 2018. Imagine that you have an e-commerce site that is not mobile-friendly. How do you expect a visitor to buy your products if they can’t see them or if they have to do a lot of manipulations to access your product categories? A mobile site or a site designed in Responsive Web Design is essential in a CRO approach.

Repair Or Remove Broken Links Identified In The SEO Audit

The SEO audit also highlights broken links your website has that Google doesn’t like. These broken, broken, or dead links that your site may contain are as many obstacles that the Internet user will encounter, dead ends that simply risk making him flee to another competing site. It is, therefore, essential to check if your site has them and to correct or delete them if there are any.

Switch To HTTPS

The HTTPS protocol guarantees security and confidence for the Internet user. It certifies the data’s authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity, guaranteeing online buyers significant security. Here, too, the HTTPS protocol is an SEO criterion taken into account by Google, which wishes to generalize it to all sites. Google’s following provisions go in this direction. From October 2017, the new version of Google Chrome will display sites that are not secure. It is undeniable that users will think twice before purchasing on a site on which it is displayed as “not secure.”

Customize The 404 Error Page

Your site is not immune to a 404-page error. All it takes is a poorly entered URL for the Internet user to find a page that cannot be found. So remember to optimize this type of page to encourage the Internet user not to leave your site following the 404 error. To challenge him, offer an offbeat page. Their experience will be all the more memorable. Dare to be original and humorous with funny pages, games, diversions, etc. Also, don’t forget to encourage him to take action :

  1. by adding a call-to-action button to a specific page, to your home page, for example
  2. by integrating a search bar to browse your site.

From a CRO perspective, the 404 page should be optimized for conversion. You must make the Internet user forget this page error while encouraging them to continue browsing your website. Offer something likely to interest him: a promotional offer, a white paper, useful links, a search bar, etc. As you will understand, the SEO audit is a precious CRO tool for increasing your conversion rate. But, the SEO audit must still be carried out well. Otherwise, it would be completely useless. Indeed, free tools like those offered by Google allow you to carry out part of your SEO audit, but only experts can deepen and analyze your SEO audit. Therefore, It is wise to entrust this SEO audit to professionals with expertise in this area, skills for which Powertrafic is recognized.

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