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Find Out What Wifi 6 Is And What To Expect From This New Technology

The current market eagerly awaits the development of wifi 6, which promises to generate a true revolution regarding internet accessibility.

Nowadays, it is common for a family of 4 or more people to use the home network to connect different devices, from smart TVs to several smartphones or notebooks. Even hotels tend to offer Wi-Fi internet for all rooms at low prices.

But in these cases, where several people are connected to just one network, there is almost always a specific problem: The more devices connected, the slower the connection speed!

This means the internet becomes slow when many computers or devices are connected. However, this type of problem should end with the emergence of wifi 6, whose particularity is to allow the connection of different devices without compromising the speed of each user on the network.

Let’s check out how wifi Six works and what advantages it offers. Continue reading!

What Does Wi-Fi 6 Mean?

In academic terms, “Wifi 6” refers to the new generation of Internet connections without wires. This technology allows several devices to connect to a network faster and more effectively than regular wifi (or wifi 5).

Wi-Fi 6 is still in its early stages and should take some time to become famous and have low prices in Brazil. However, anyone investing in this new generation of wireless internet connections can take advantage of the advantages only this technology offers.

What Are The Benefits?

Understand the main advantages of wifi Six technology compared to wifi Five networks.

More Speed

One of the main advantages is working with a maximum of 6.9 Gbps (gigabyte per second), reaching 5 GHz (gigahertz), which is equivalent to 1.5 GHz higher than the common wifi standard of 3.5 GHz.

With these numbers, the speed of downloading files and accessing websites improves considerably on the new wifi.

Possibility To Connect More Devices

Wi-Fi 6 was developed to allow more devices to remain connected while carrying out different activities. This network reduces the bottlenecks of each connection, which facilitates the use of different devices in home environments, offices, and public places.

According to initial tests, it is estimated that using up to 8 different devices on wifi six without losing speed will be possible. This is impossible in standard wifi because it needs to divide the bandwidth between the connected computers, which does not happen in the case of the six online connection standards.

The advantages of wifi’s six promises are very interesting for personal and business use.

Wi-Fi 6 Is More Sustainable And Economical

Although it is a more effective technology than wifi 5, wifi 6 requires less energy consumption to function perfectly, demonstrating an economical and sustainable nature.

For example, A cell phone that connects to the Wi-Fi 6 network needs less battery usage to carry out online activities than wifi five connection standards.

More Secure Connectivity

To be certified according to strict WiFi Alliance standards, new WiFi 6 routers must offer full support for WPA3 encryption.

Therefore, this network is less likely to be invaded by cyber-attacks from hackers from different parts of the world. It is essential to highlight that the standard wifi does not have this support for WPA3 encryption and presents more risks to the dangers of the internet.

How To Have Wifi 6?

Like 5G technology, it is possible to say that wifi 6 is a new solution on the market full of essential hardware components. Using a specific router with different features than standard Wi-Fi routers is worth taking advantage of this technological advance.

Wi-Fi 6 routers must allow eight devices to connect, unlike the standard wifi 5 router that works with a maximum of 4 devices simultaneously. The good news is that the latest mobile devices should now be available on the market prepared for this new type of connection.

The estimate is that the average values ​​of the routers will decrease as the popularity and research on the new generation of wireless online connection grows.

Would you like to know what wifi 6 is? Can’t wait to learn more to integrate new technologies and improve your company’s productivity?

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