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Choose And Buy Your Domain Name For WordPress

A Website Without A Suitable Address Is A Poorly Optimized Site…

You have decided to launch your website with WordPress too! But before moving on to the very creation of your pages, you will have to choose your domain name. The domain name is the address of your website: it replaces the IP address of the server on which your site is hosted.

An integral part of your image, it is intended to be remembered by Internet users so that they quickly return to your pages. So how do you choose an impactful and optimized domain name, and where to buy it? Here is the answer!

5 Golden Rules To Give Your WordPress Site The Perfect Domain Name

Choosing your domain name is like looking for your company’s name: your image depends on it, and you want it to be remembered. The following criteria are the variations of an essential watchword to ensure your visitors understand everything! To be as efficient as possible, your domain name must be.


It must be easy to remember if you want it to be remembered. You also avoid possible misspellings and confusion.


if you don’t use your company name, look for a name directly related to your activity. One of the best-known travel blogs is Ryan’s “” In a saturated theme, this blogger has chosen a typical name representative of his field of activity, consistent with his image.


but not too much. An EMD (Exact Match Domain) is a domain name containing the exact keywords of your theme, such as “”

If this URL can help your positioning, be careful not to overdo it! Since 2012, Google has tracked over-optimized domain names. Limit yourself to one dash and no more than two keywords.


Before buying a domain name, check if it still needs to be taken. Launch a “who is”: you will know if the coveted address exists and to whom it belongs! You can, of course, choose a different extension, but there are more strategic options for optimizing your website.

Your visitor will type the most apparent URL with a .fr or .com extension. Or he will directly search the name of your site in Google… if your namesake is better positioned, you will lose a visitor!

With A Suitable Extension

 The extension of your address is .fr, .com, .net… which follows your domain name. The .com extension, initially dedicated to commerce, is the most widespread and will always be a wise choice.

If you practice nationally, a .fr will also be welcome (or the geographical extension corresponding to your country). Avoid the new extensions of the .biz type with an amateurish image.

Where To Buy Your Domain Name?

You can buy your domain name from a simple registrar or directly from your host. In this article, we give you the procedure to follow with OVH first because this host is an Indian company! Market leader (with IONOS ), easy to use, economical… but above all, OVH offers to pre-install the WordPress module for you, making your job easier when setting up your site. Offer A Domain Name To Your WordPress In Just Ten Steps!

  1. To reserve your domain name, go to and insert the desired domain name in the “Find your domain name” section. A drop-down menu offers you different extensions: choose the one you want.
  2. OVH checks the availability of your domain name. If available, click continue.
  3. On this page, OVH offers you several options. The standard service selected by default will be more than enough! Click continue.
  4. If you host your site elsewhere, keep the option automatically selected and click continue. Otherwise, take your pick from the accommodation offers. If you are a beginner and want to test WordPress, we advise you to start with “Kimsufi Web.” Relatively economical, the offer offers 1GB of disk space, two email accounts included, and your first domain name is offered to you for one year.
  5. You can then choose a pre-installed module. If you check “none,” you can install your modules later. But if you follow our tutorial to build your website, choose the WordPress module and click continue at the bottom of the page. Then a second time continues.
  6. Here is the preview of your order. Your domain name is free for the first year; you only have to pay for your hosting. Click continue.
  7. You must identify yourself. If you are already an OVH customer, enter your credentials. Otherwise, click on “Create an account.” Fill in the form and validate.
  8. This page shows you the contacts associated with your domain name. Click continue.
  9. You must read the contracts and check the two boxes before clicking on continue.
  10. 10. And finally, the last step: choose your means of payment and pay for your order! You now have your domain name! You will receive by email the identifiers which give you access to the OVH dashboard.

Buying More Than One Address For Your Website, What’s The Point?

In some cases, it may be interesting to reserve several domain names. If your company is present in several countries, purchasing the corresponding geographical extensions is recommended.

If you choose a .com extension and live in India, it is also strategic to reserve the .fr. You thus avoid any risk of cybersquatting – this practice consists in buying domain names close to the original brand and then reselling them to the rights holders.

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