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Instagram: Influencers At The Heart Of Inbound Marketing

Classical marketing no longer has a place in contemporary methods. Exit telephone contacts or door-to-door, make way for the digital age. So, for a strategy around influencer marketing, influencers may prove to be the ideal solution; the company Inzpire has carried out a study using fairly diversified data, and your agency SMO will comment on the results.

Study Data

Inzpire is an influencer marketing platform. To compose its report, the Norwegian company relied on fairly extensive data: 10,000 creators and influencers, more than 400 companies, and the responses of 350 English-speaking influencers who collaborated, totalling almost 10 million subscribers. The results collected, therefore, have particular relevance.The most notable figure of this study is the following: 42,575.

This is the number of followers you need to harvest on Instagram to live on the average salary in the United Kingdom, estimated at 29,009 pounds per year. The influencer ratio must be eight posts and eight stories. The marketing platform gives additional information on influencers’ profiles: their average age is 28 years old, and 77% are women. In addition, most of them have a higher education degree (71%).

Influencers, Main Protagonists

All this data shows us that the business around influencers on Facebook‘s photo and video platform is a real option to develop for your inbound marketing strategy. They are at the heart of this new digital era, which has extinguished traditional marketing methods.

A Lead Generator Source

Unlike outbound marketing, which involves approaching people not necessarily interested in your products/services, inbound marketing is much more popular. Exit the door-to-door, the telephone contacts! In addition, this process is less costly financially and in terms of time.

An inbound strategy will effectively reach a well-targeted audience, unlike outbound marketing, which targets an audience that is too varied to glean very few leads. Moreover, the goal is to identify lead prospects.

The Influencer’s Choice

This is the critical element of your influencer marketing; you must choose the influencer based on your industry. As mentioned, the goal is to generate leads, increase sales, and increase your community.

This influence marketing must develop your inbound marketing strategy. So, besides being a good ambassador and generating engagement, it is more interesting to find leads in line with your products/services and ideas. His followers must consider the influencer as a primary source of trust. 

To help you with your choice, there are influencer marketing agencies like Inzpire to help you search for the ideal influencer.Then, it would help if you created a solid and lasting bond with him. It should not feel like a used product; 57% of influencers intend to continue their activity until the end of their career. They may therefore be helpful to you in the future. Do not hesitate to integrate them into your community by being at their side for non-business events or offering them gifts.

A New Tool For Stories

In addition, Instagram has just announced a new tool, which will land in the Stories section. Instagrammers can now post more than one photo to a single story. This tool, called “Layout”, is already available worldwide and allows you to publish up to six photos. Therefore, you will no longer need to use third-party applications to have this result.

This novelty will be a way to diversify, among other things, the possibilities of presenting services/products for influencers, for example. The American company continues to develop the functionalities of its Stories regularly and with success. The commitment around the latter is always more interesting. Moreover, one sponsorship post with the hashtag “#ad” out of three is posted in the stories.

To Conclude

Developing your inbound marketing strategy using influence marketing is very popular. The results are fascinating. The concept is essential and is not ready to run out. In addition, do not hesitate to call on your SMO agency. Its specialists will help you develop a quality complementary strategy.

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