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And The Three Favorite Applications Of Young People Are…

Between new features and creative concepts, trends go on the web. Increasingly, each generation is asserting its navigational preferences. Today, it is the apps that interest us. And above all, what do those under twenty-five think?

The Winning Trio Of Apps Used By Young People

Unsurprisingly, young people are most often found on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. The functionalities that we discover are in total symbiosis with the vision of the virtual that young people have.

It’s trendy, it’s hype, and above all, it’s entertaining. The essential criterion that gives the scoop to these applications remains their fun side.  At the top of the list, we see that Instagram appears close to Snapchat.  Two applications that bet everything on visual content. 

The possibility of integrating photos and even videos allows the younger generation to satisfy this intense need to “show” or, instead, to share their daily life on the web. On the other hand, it is shocking not to see the TikTok application appear in the top 3. Indeed, the latter has been talked about, especially in recent months. But it is finally in the last place that it appears following this survey, with only 10% of young people using it. The strong presence of young people on the net makes them the new highly prized target of advertisers.

Why Do Young People Prefer These Apps?

So let’s talk about the ergonomics of said platforms. Almost everything is done to optimize the user experience. This goes through the ease with which you can scroll on the news feed to the quality of the animations offered. On both Instagram and Snapchat apps, for example, the main attractions are the filters. Snapchat, the propeller of the concept, has had time to perfect its own. 

Some are animated filters with optional voice or even face modification. When still others indicate the user’s geolocation (geo-filters). Instagram surfed Snapchat’s gate a few years ago to attract new users. His secret? Adapt Snapchat’s features to the universe it offers on its platform. In particular with stories and the filters that can be used in said stories.

Finally, we might still be surprised by the presence of Facebook in the top 3 favorite apps for young people. Because the giant also won the prize for the application that would be the most deleted by the same age group. The social network is growing and adapting to the new generation. However, efforts are still needed, especially if the app wants to remain competitive. At least 64% of young people in this survey no longer use Facebook, a significant percentage given the competition. Through its flagship application Instagram, the group remains number 1.

How Exactly Do They Use It?

Young people have assigned functions to these apps that even the designers did not initially foresee. Today, these different apps serve as a platform for information, work, exchange, and entertainment. Yes, you read correctly, young people also go there to get information, but above all to work.

Working while having fun: an ideal for everyone! This generation, which is being formed, will undoubtedly be able to evolve mainly in professions relating to social networks. For example, new jobs, such as Community Manager and Social Media Manager, are now emerging. Our experts, trained to guide you in Social Media Marketing, remain at your disposal. Do not hesitate any longer; contact us for a personalized follow-up of your SEO or SMA strategy!

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