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YouTube Ads: Shopping Campaigns Are Emerging

With the holiday season approaching, companies are already looking to position their services and products in customers’ eyes. Well-orchestrated communication is the key to success.

At a time when digital has taken a prominent place in our daily lives, we are all the more in close collaboration with our partners for this crucial period. Thus, our advertisers must proceed with strategies to reach their targets. Google’s video platform advertising department is a prime location. Your SEA agency will tell you the reasons.

Google Ads Expands Its Video Platform

The Mountain View company knows it: YouTube is critical to its success. Although being very little in profit, the video platform, estimated at a value of 160 billion dollars, posts a turnover of around 20 billion per year, corresponding to approximately 50% of the turnover of Google.

In addition, the Google subsidiary captivates more than two billion users each month. A godsend for developing advertisements, in addition to collecting data. So, the new features brought by Google to its video service are timely.

YouTube sees its platform develop. Google has decided to place its Shopping campaigns in the feed and the results of YouTube searches. Thus, ads will be based on the user’s interests. For example, if a user is interested in swimming, the ads will consist of different types of products from this sector, with a varied price range. Additionally, if you currently use standard Shopping campaigns and have joined the YouTube Display Network, you will be eligible to appear on these ads.

A More Ergonomic Interface

At the same time, YouTube has made some changes to its Desktop version and for tablets. These modifications are visible on the interface of the video platform and will improve the user experience. On the home page, YouTube sports a new style: fewer videos are displayed.

Therefore, video thumbnails are larger; titles can be longer. In addition, this change allows for a novelty: the icons of YouTube channels will be under the thumbnail next to the video’s title. 

YouTube believes this will make it easier for users to identify their favorite channels. Then, a new feature appeared: adding videos to the queue. It is a tool that will please users. A simple click on the icon in question, located at the top right of the thumbnail of the videos, just below the icon “to watch later,” is enough for you. The latest innovation, already in place on the mobile version, allows users to delete channels that do not interest them from their suggestions. In terms of user experience, this change will lead to improved recommendations.

What To Remember?

Google has decided to optimize the use of its video platform, with these new placements for these Shopping campaigns, as the holiday season approaches. These advertising inserts will certainly attract businesses. At the same time, the Mountain View company has deployed a new interface to improve the user experience, which goes hand in hand with these intentions.

In addition, the upcoming arrival of centers of interest on the desktop version (in English), also already available on the mobile version, will bring additional possibilities to advertisers after that.

Our agency specializing in paid referencing will be essential to you regarding the excellent practice of a strategy around YouTube Ads. Indeed, our experts know the codes of this network perfectly. Do not hesitate to contact them.

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