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Youtube Movies Downloader | Here Are The Best Ways To Download Free Youtube Movies

Youtube is that one word that doesn’t need any definition. It is considered as every household name. Youtube is an online streaming video platform where we can watch and share videos. 

Youtube was launched in 2005 on the eve of valentine’s day, February 14th. Youtube is the second most visited website after Google and is owned by Google. Youtube videos are trendsetters.

We can watch and upload videos here on Youtube by making our channel. Everyone is making millions just by uploading videos only. It is an online streaming platform where we need an internet connection with proper speed to watch videos, movies, etc. If our internet is unstable, then Youtube videos start buffering.

In the beginning days of Youtube, such things happened when the internet speed was slow. Now we seldom see such problems as the internet speed has improved. However, while traveling, when the signals are low, you experience buffering, and the video doesn’t play continuously. 

Due to such reasons, many sites developed applications to download YouTube videos and movies. Previously it was a windows application, and later it was designed for mobile phones.

Billions of people watch YouTube, upload videos, and download their favourite videos and movies using YouTube movies downloader sites. We will discuss them in detail.

1. By Click Downloader

The ‘By Click downloader’ tool is for windows and is very famous. It has been an incredible downloading tool for ChromeChrome for many years. It is convenient and beneficial to download movies and videos, etc. This app works not only for Youtube but also for many applications such as Daily Motion, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, and 40+ sites. It can download the entire playlist on Youtube with just a single click.

  • The By Click Downloader app lets you download high-quality videos such as HD,4K,720P,1080P, 8K, etc.
  • All videos can be converted into MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, 3GP, WEBM, MKV, and WAV.
  • Simply Go to google, download the file and install it
  • Add the extension to ChromeChrome
  • Copy the URL and open the By-click downloader.
  • Paste the URL, then click on it. Choose the video resolution and download it and enjoy.


VIDMATE is one of the most popular video downloader apps. It can download YouTube videos, social media videos, daily motion videos, and many more. VIDMATE is the best downloader for YouTube videos and movies. 

In other words, the VIDMATE app acts as another domain of YouTube. VIDMATE downloader is a very easy and straightforward way to download videos and movies. We can find the download button on every video on YouTube. Copy the desired URL and paste it into the app for other videos. It will lead you to the download options.

  • Works for both windows and android
  • Can download all available videos.
  • You can download 720p, 1080p, and HD resolution videos easily
  • lets you download torrent files
  • Audio files like MP3, M4A, etc.


4k VIDEO DOWNLOADER lets you download videos from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. It is effortless to download this app. The Premium version is available for a lesser price.

  • It can download YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos.
  • 4k and 8k qualities can be downloaded if the original one is supported.
  • Downloaded video files can be converted to audio files.
  • Another fantastic feature is it can extract or convert the video to MP3
  • 4K Download software is cross-platform. Get it for your PC, macOS, or Linux.
  • 4k Video Downloader is safe and trustworthy.


FREE YOUTUBE MOVIES DOWNLOADER is another video downloader that helps to download YouTube videos very easily. Many want to download their favourite videos to their devices to watch them repeatedly. They don’t want their data to be drained. 

Some people strictly download videos only on YouTube. However, device-to-device sharing is unavailable, so they want a copy for their devices; hence, they download the videos using third-party downloaders like FREE YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER.

  • Available only in windows.
  • Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox add-ons are available.
  • You can download the original video source.
  • Viewers’ choice version is available. Many users want fewer storage videos.
  • The download button is a popup on YouTube. It is up to you to download or not. If you want to download, tap on the popup. You can easily download videos or movies.


Another video streaming application is VLC MEDIA PLAYER. It was initially used for playing downloaded videos. Later, this is converted to streaming online videos and downloading YouTube videos.

  • Open the player and paste the copied URL from YouTube to the VLC player.
  • Specify the folder where to download the video, movie, etc.
  • Select the desired format and resolution and press enter.
  • It works on all operating systems.
  • Very simple and easy to use.


LEAWO YOUTUBE MOVIES DOWNLOADER is now CLEVER GET VIDEO DOWNLOADER. It is a fantastic video downloader. It downloads videos from YouTube and other social media platforms. It is the most trusted downloader for many. We can download live-streaming videos without any difficulty. We can download it directly or copy the URL of your desired video.

  • Download all types of videos.
  • Download 720P, 1080P, and 4k quality videos.
  • It has advanced video loading technology and hardware acceleration, which helps load and download the video smoothly.
  • It works on windows and mac.
  • Approximately 30$ per year.


With the SNAP DOWNLOADER, you can download online streaming videos with ease. It supports all popular websites. You can download content from 900+ sites using SNAP YOUTUBE MOVIES DOWNLOADER. The most popular among the 900 are YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo.

  • Download High-quality video formats.
  • Downloaded videos can be converted into any format. You can choose the format there.
  • Downloaded videos can be trimmed, edited, and filtered.
  • 4k and 8k resolutions are supported.
  • All playlists from YouTube, Ghana, Wynk, and other playlists are downloaded with a single click.
  • The most important feature is you can schedule the download if our data is unavailable.
  • You can download it at high speed.
  • If you have any trouble regarding the website and downloader, you can call customer service whenever you are a registered user. It is easily accessible.
  • It works on Windows and macOS.
  • It has a lifetime license if you purchase it one time.

8. A Tube Catcher

A TUBE CATCHER is a free video downloader and screen recorder. It is one of the most popular and favourite downloaders. It helps to download videos from various sources. People use it mainly to download YouTube videos. You can record the streaming video online. A few online streaming apps don’t allow you to download outside the app. For that reason, a screen recording option is available.

  • Compatible with Microsoft windows.
  • DurectX9.0c minimum for screen recording.

Why Do People Need YouTube Movies Downloader?

People have different types of interests. Some like movies, some like songs, some like animation, and some like games. Songs, movies, cooking, gaming, sports, animation, and videos are available on YouTube.

People love sharing. They feel happy if they own or download any video from YouTube or other streaming platforms. People collect and store the songs and movies that they like on YouTube. To view their favourite videos repeatedly, they download them to their device.

Is It Safe And Legit To Download YouTube Videos?

It is 100% safe to download YouTube videos if you use them for personal use. If you download the video from one channel and upload it to another, it will be deleted under copyright violations. And your YouTube account will be banned, so you can’t use your account again. So it is not legal to download YouTube videos.

Formats Available On YouTube Movies Downloaders

  • MP4
  • 3GP
  • AVI
  • MKV
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • WMV
  • XVID
  • GIF
  • FLAC
  • MPEG
  • WAV
  • MOV

Final Say

YouTube movies are a favorite for many audiences. They want to download and enjoy their desired content using YouTube Movies Downloaders. YouTube Movies Downloaders allow users to download videos and content for free.

 In this article, we have mentioned some of the best YouTube Movies Downloaders. If you are using the downloaded videos and movies for personal entertainment, then it’s okay. Please don’t use them for the wrong reasons. Our website doesn’t encourage support for such illegal activities. 

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