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How To Use A Mobile Phone As A Wifi Repeater

Smartphone communication And other devices for wifi signals not only require the use of a Router coil, but sometimes it is also necessary to use a Duplicate. Its Signal is amplified, allowing it to reach more points inside the house. For this reason, even when you don’t have a Duplicate installed at home, people can use their mobile to perform this role and allow others to access the Internet without investing more money in a new device.

Although some phones already have a similar built-in option to share mobile data when you try to use your device as a WIFI access point while calling Network Active offline, which means both tasks cannot be done simultaneously. NetShare lets you use your smartphone as a wifi repeater. (Yasser)

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to use the “Duplicate sign “function with a smartphone, but for its operation, it is necessary to use third-party applications compatible with the Android version Of the Phone. Some of them are paid, e.g., net char Allows access to the contact-free for a few moments before the order. Buy affiliate program price approx $9.

Another option, but with free access, is a wifi booster app that is compatible with older versions of Android (4.2.2 onwards). This does not require launching a share within the platform. The wifi Repeater app allows you to use your smartphone as a wifi repeater. (Yasser) to be used as a signal repeater, users need to download the app from the Play Store and Then press the WIFI signal symbol.

The purpose of this is to create communication. To be shared, the application will request access to a location username. The authorization will need to be accepted to proceed with the process. Once the endpoint is created, users can access the new wifi network From the box that appears as a QR Code In the lower right corner of the pre-printed WIFI signal icon. In the case of some devices that do not have this connection method, they will be able to connect manually using a network password.

The wifi Repeater app allows you to use your smartphone as a wifi repeater. (Yasser)

After connecting, both hardware that has accessed the NetworkNetwork created by the smartphone can be viewed in a specific section of the application as a list where its name and the type of device to be selected are specified, be it laptop, other smartphone or pc.

Another function similar to the one already mentioned is to use the smartphone as if it were a Router through the work Hotspot wifi or, in some cases, a wireless network from the phone ‘, which does not require connection with the existing Signal, but benefit from it mobile data From Phone to grant access to this feature.

To activate this function, there are two options: Access via the smartphone’s shortcuts on the hardware toolbar or use the necessary manual path from accessing the Phone’s configuration/settings program.  Share a wifi signal using a smartphone. Once entered, the user must enter a section network AND the Internet AND look for the Internet Sharing option.

Entering that menu, you will want to see the various choices accessible, for example, “Offer contact through USB,” “share contact through Bluetooth,” and “share contact through ethernet.” The access point will also have a name, NetworkNetwork and password. For greater security, that can be configured at that time by simply clicking on those options.

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