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E-Commerce SEO Optimization – Google Reveals Some Secrets

The explosion of online shopping as a mass phenomenon has pushed more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to explore this territory. On the other hand, it is a market that generated, in 2021 alone, almost 5,000 billion dollars in the world,  

With the exponential increase in competition, it becomes increasingly difficult to get noticed on the web, among the tide of e-commerce that is born every day. For this reason, Google has shared new indications and tips to improve the SEO optimization of your site. 

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SEO Optimization For Your E-Commerce

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) is key to standing out from the crowd and reaching the top positions in search results. It is a complex job, which requires numerous studies and includes different aspects of the website to be optimized. 

The final purpose is to satisfy the requirements “like” Google, which positively evaluates the operations carried out and thus makes the site “rise” to the top among the results. However, there is a small problem: Google has never released an exhaustive list of the criteria with which it evaluates these aspects. 

From time to time, however, the American giant shares advice and information, and it is, therefore, essential to stay up to date on this and take advantage of these opportunities to improve the SEO optimization of your site. So let’s see what these precious tips are.

Google’s Recommendations

Site Infrastructure 

The first tip concerns the infrastructure of the site. What are the technical foundations of the site center with SEO optimization? In short, if the site does not meet the essential criteria in terms of structure, Google will penalize its visibility. 

To increase the number of visitors to your site, it is therefore essential to start with the basic structure of e-commerce. It is a more complex job than it may initially appear. Several elements fall under the infrastructure: 

  • the basic structure; 
  • the lyrics; 
  • the page titles; 
  • the descriptions (meta descriptions).

Mark The Product Variant Pages

E-commerce often contains several variants of the same product, such as color variants, sizes, etc. Reporting these differences to Google helps the tool better understand the site’s content, with a relative improvement in SEO optimization.

Another detail that can improve search engine rankings is to use a different URL for each variant of the same product. 

Relevant Content

A user who lands on e-commerce does not necessarily access the home page but can arrive on any site’s pages. For this reason, it is essential that on each page, there is content that is relevant and useful to the visitor. 

Even the home page should not be neglected; quite the contrary. It must have specific content, links that refer to the site’s other pages, and beautiful images. E-commerce should follow the user step by step, guiding him in all navigation phases, from his entry to the purchase. 

Use The Same URL For Events

If a site uses dedicated pages for recurring events, such as holidays or seasonal sales, the best practice is to use the same URL. For example, suppose the site publishes a page dedicated to yearly end-of-summer promotions. In that case, using the same page (and, therefore, the same URL) is more convenient than creating a specific page every time. 

This prevents Google from searching and indexing a new page every time, as it already knows the URL.

Page Speed

The last tip is something already known and concerns the loading speed of the site’s pages. A slow page with loading times more significant than 3 seconds will be penalized by Google. 

In order to facilitate user navigation, Google favors sites that load content quickly. 

General Advice

To respect all the points indicated above, some helpful tools can tell us if we respect the rules for correct SEO optimization. 

The first is the Google Search Console, through which we can check for any technical infrastructure problems and the relationship between pages and URLs. A second useful tool is Google Analytics which measures the performance of different pages. Some devices also help us in the moment of creating content within WordPress, such as the Rank Math SEO plugin. 

For professional and performance SEO optimization, the best advice is always to rely on industry experts. Digify deals with creating websites in all its phases, including optimization for search engines, and offers a precise, timely service at your service.