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Know About Avple & How To Download Videos From Avple TV?

Avple is one of the popular video-sharing platforms available online. It is the perfect spot to download your favorite videos without fuss. You can download as well as upload videos on Avple. 

Many video streaming platforms do not allow users to download content onto their devices, to the disappointment of many. However, Avple makes it possible to download videos that are not available for download on other platforms. 

In this post, we will let you know how Avple allows users to download and save their favorite videos on their devices to watch later. We will also let you know the fantastic features of Avple as it assures its users of earning money just by posting videos. So, stay tuned.

About Avple

Avple is an online platform allowing users to download and save videos offline from different video streaming websites. It also lets its users upload videos if they have an account on the website. The users can open an account by providing all the required details in the respective fields to contribute their videos. 

Avple is among the most used video-downloading websites as it has a user-friendly interface with impeccable design. The Avple website hosts numerous videos in various formats, such as MP4, WMV, MOV, and AVU, on its platform. Users can also convert their videos into different formats, including MP4, MP3, WAV, and many more.

The users can download and watch videos later at their leisure without interruptions like ads or poor internet connection. Avple provides full-on entertainment whenever you are exhausted and want to take a break from your stressful schedule. Avple also allows earning money from uploading videos.

Why Is Avple The Best Video-Sharing Platform?

Avple has stunning features, making it one of the best video-sharing platforms. Today’s world is witnessing a leap in social media usage. Irrespective of age, from a 3-year-old kid to a senior citizen, everybody is watching or searching for related videos on online video streaming platforms. 

Online platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc., are filled with millions of videos on numerous topics. It is not surprising that the number of vloggers and content creators is growing significantly. Downloading and uploading videos takes place at every tick of the clock.

Avple is one of its kind allowing its users to share, upload and download videos pertaining to different niches such as entertainment, cooking, technology, education, travel, etc. 

The users are also allowed to upload videos on their accounts on Avple as long as they abide by the rules of Avple. The uploaded content must be genuine, decent, and appropriate. Illegal and harmful content is unacceptable, and the account holder is liable for facing charges. 

The users can upload AV videos and publish articles on the Avple platform. Thus it is an excellent opportunity to earn a few bucks. It streams videos of excellent quality. You can stream or download your favorite TV show, web series, or movie in desired video quality for free. To share videos among peers, register and create an account. The registration process is a free service on Avple.

To reach others and earn a good income, you must follow the policies set by Avple. Refrain from malpractices and create applaudable and useful content for the viewers. Genuine hard work always pays off.

How To Download Videos From Avple?

The users can download the desired videos from Avple without paying a penny. The download process is simple. You can download videos in various video formats. You can download videos from any platform like Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. Follow the below steps. 

  • Open the website in your browser and go to the video you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of that video.
  • Paste or insert the URL of the video you want to download in the search space of Avple.
  • You will see the video appear before you. Select the video format in which you wish to download. 
  • Choose the ‘Download’ option from the menu.
  • The video gets downloaded immediately.

Here Is The Process To Upload Videos On Avple

You can make money by uploading videos on Avple. Besides downloading your favorite content, you can post comments, share your contributions, upload videos, publish articles, etc. Avple is easy to explore. 

Avple also comes with a premium version with advanced features. To utilize extra features on Avple, you can purchase the premium version of it. However, the free version is enough to upload and download videos.

Avple helps you earn money by uploading videos. You can create your public or private account on Avple to upload videos. Create helpful content, edit it, and upload them on the website. You can share the link to videos with your family and friends. Thus, you will receive likes, views, and shares, earning you money. You can upload in any video format you like.

The content you upload on the website must be appropriate and fulfill all the norms laid down by Avple. It should not be inappropriate or illegal. The account holder is accountable for the content posted on the site. 

Upload videos on Avple as given below.

  • Uploading a video on Avple is a simple process. 
  • Create an account on Avple.
  • Open your account and go to the option ‘Upload Videos.’
  • Select the video file you want to upload from your device and choose the desired format.
  • Provide a title for your video.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ option for the video to get uploaded.

You can keep the content on your account private or public. To make your content reach a large number of people, you can invite other users. Share your work with others. Send the video links to your friends and invite them to join Avple. Be cautious of the content you want to upload on Avple. Remember that Avple can delete any inappropriate video. 

Pros And Cons Of Avple


  • The users can freely access their favorite content like music, movies, tv shows, games, and much more for free.
  • The users can earn money by uploading valuable videos.
  • The users can record a video using excellent video options available on Avple.
  • The users can download videos in desired video formats.
  • Search for the desired videos based on genre, year, album, artist, etc.
  • Avple customizes results according to the queries providing good customer service.
  • The users can upload videos in less time, download videos quickly, and invite and share videos with others. 


  • Poor internet connection may abrupt the streaming services.
  • Avple allows users to download copyrighted material from other platforms illegally.
  • Some videos may have geo-restrictions based on their locations.
  • The users may face trouble watching high-quality videos due to service sabotage or poor internet connection.

How Does The Avple Downloader Work?

Avple is your answer if you search for the best downloader tool online. You can download any video in desired video format using Avple. You should copy the URL link of the original video and paste it into the address bar of Avple and select the video format to download it on your device. 

You can access Avple on your desktop and smartphone. It has free and premium versions. You can download SD versions for free and HD versions on the paid package. You can convert videos into any video format you like.

Final Say

Avple has many fantastic features that are useful in many ways to its users. The users can download videos, create a personal account and upload videos to earn money. The whole process on the website takes a few minutes. Avple is one of the best options to download videos easily.

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