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Digital Terrestrial TV: Which TVs To Buy To See It Immediately In HD

From December 21, digital terrestrial will broadcast only in HD. Those who do not have a suitable TV will have to buy a new one or a decoder. Here’s which TVs to buy now. From December 21, digital terrestrial will only broadcast channels in HD, so viewers need to adapt and buy a new TV or a suitable decoder.

In particular, the video format will change: on December 20, the transition from the video format Mpeg2 to Mpeg4 with H264 encoding will take place. At this level, the intervention arrived just in time: Europe has set December 31, 2022, as the deadline for adapting to MPEG4. What needs to be done to comply with the new format? There are three possibilities: change the TV, buy a decoder, or do nothing, if you already have a suitable TV. But let’s see specifically:

  1. If you have a high-resolution TV (from Full HD onwards), this should already be suitable and, therefore, shouldn’t need any changes. To be sure, checking that the Rai and Mediaset channels are at the maximum numbers is sufficient.
  2. If you have an HD TV with Rai programs available from channel 501 and Mediaset since 104, or if you have a TV purchased before 2018, users will not have to change it but buy a new Dvb-T2 decoder.
  3. Finally, if you have a TV that doesn’t support HD, you will need to buy at least a DVB-T2 decoder to watch the channels, even if they won’t be high definition due to the TV’s resolution. To enjoy a better view, it is advisable to buy a new TV directly, following our advice, for more information about the changes that will affect digital terrestrial on December 20.

What To Do? 

There are two solutions: buy a new TV or a digital terrestrial decoder. The second option is the best if you don’t want to spend a fortune. A DVB-T2 decoder costs between 20 and 30 euros, and today, we are also lucky enough to find them on offer on Amazon. We have selected some of the best digital terrestrial decoders available on the market, which, in addition to showing us our favorite channels, also offer extra features.

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Digital Terrestrial TV: Which TVs To Buy Immediately To Watch After December 20

The digital terrestrial revolution of December 20 has given many people a choice: what to do: change TV or buy a decoder? If your TV is obsolete and you want to continue enjoying good viewing quality, the wisest choice is to change the TV directly. The television available today allows you to do things that others ten years ago could not even dream of, such as surfing the internet smoothly.

Furthermore, today’s market is accessible to everyone. It is possible to buy costly TVs, but also cheap and with good performance. To help you choose which TVs to buy more easily immediately on the occasion of the digital terrestrial update of December 20, the Money. Its editorial staff has decided to report 10 for sale now on eBay, allowing you to continue living an immersive experience. Here’s what they are:

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  1. Smart TV LG 24” 24TQ520S-PZ
  2. LG Smart TV 28″ 28TQ515S-WZ
  3. LG Smart TV 32” 32LQ631C0ZA
  4. Smart TV Metz 32” 32MTB7000Z
  5. Smart TV Ok TV 43” ODL 43950UC
  6. Smart TV LG 48”OLED 48C26LB
  7. LG Smart TV 55” 55UQ75003LF
  8. LG 55” OLED 55G26LA Gallery Edition Smart TV
  9. LG Smart TV 65”OLED65C26LD
  10. LG 77”OLED 77 26 LED Smart TV