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Appmuck.Com | Free Download Apk Modification For Android, PC & IOS

Appmuck.com is one of the best websites that provide free mod Apk and tweaked apps for Android and IOS. Everyone owns a mobile and is well aware of the apps on mobiles. Mobile apps and games have huge demand. 

App makers are becoming millionaires these days. Multi-national companies are making a good fortune by creating innovative apps. IOS and Google play store provide demo apps which are basic versions. Premium apps are not available for free, so users must purchase the apps to use them. 

Users pay for gaming apps available on the Apple store and Play store. People who buy apps can only enjoy the premium features of the games or apps. However, many can’t afford to pay, or a few prefer to avoid paying. 

Many third-party websites have made it easy to crack those apps and made them available for users who cannot buy the premium versions. Appmuck is one such website that uploads many cracked, tweaked mod Apks for free to the users. 

Appmuck.com is famous among internet users, and many are fond of this website. Users regularly visit the Appmuck website and download the latest games, apps, and paid versions for free. Appmuck doesn’t charge a penny from the users for any app on its website. 

The website provides premium App versions for free that cost you on the Play store and Apple store. The Appmuck team regularly updates the newest games and apps on their website. Instead of using the iOS and Android Google play store, we can download apps, games, and modded apps from the Appmuck.com website hassle-free.

Apps Available On Appmuck.Com

Generally, apps downloaded from the Google play store and iOS are basic versions, and they have a lot of pop-up ads that interrupt the user while using them. The interruption annoys and diminishes interest in playing games or using other software apps. Everyone can’t afford to buy premium apps, and most users don’t like to keep accepting all the applications available in the Play store or Apple store. 

Apps available on Appmuck.com are cracked and altered versions of the original one. They are made available to users for free. The mod apps downloaded from Appmuck.com do not have ads or popups. 

They run just like the premium versions of the applications. As per the app language, they were termed as gold users. They come with plenty of features. The website admins test every app before uploading it to the website. 

How To Download Apps From Appmuck.Com?

First, visit the website www.appmuck.com using any web browser. After entering the website, you will land on the homepage, where you can find several tweaked apps. Search for the mod apk you want to download in the search bar, or you can directly click on the app if it is available on the homepage. 

The mod app gets downloaded once you change your settings to allow third-party app installations. After giving permission, the download starts, and installation gets completed by providing a formal warning to the users. 

Appmuck.com enables Android and iOS users to download mod apks and apps from its website. The users can freely choose the apps they want to download. 

Appmuck.Com For Android And IOS Users

Appmuck.com is specially designed for smartphone users. Users can easily get it by searching for it on their web browsers. However, Appmuck is only available in the app market and not in the Play store and Apple store because it is not an official app but a third-party app. The users can download it from third-party sites and get installed on their smartphone devices. The premium app versions of Android and iOS apps are available on Appmuck.com. 

Famous Apps That Are Available On Appmuck.Com

Appmuck.com has many popular apps in the store. Some countries banned a few games and apps due to copyright violations and other issues. Those apps are available on Appmuck.com. You can get the premium features of those applications. Some of them are listed here. 

  • TikTok: TikTok is a famous and rated top app in many countries, but this app is banned in India and a few other countries. You can get this app for free on Appmuck.com.
  • PubG: We all know about the sensation that PubG created among the youth. To the disappointment of many, the app has been deleted from some countries’ Android and iOS Play stores. But PubG lovers are never disappointed because they know Appmuck.com provides the Apk file of their favorite game. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the Appmuck.com
  • Roblox++
  • Apex legends mobile+++
  • Instagram checker
  • Mine craft java++ 
  • True caller 13
  • Call of duty 
  • Discord++
  • PicsArt 21.8.0
  • In short pro
  • Kine master 6.5
  • Hotstar 12.4.9 (premium unlocked)
  • Turbo VPN 3.91.5 (premium unlocked)

Games Apks Available On Appmuck.Com

  • Empires and puzzles 55.0.2 (unlimited money)
  • Hills of steel 5.3.1 (unlimited coins)
  • Gummy Drop 4.61.2 (unlimited money)
  • Among us 2023.2.28(unlocked)
  • Clash of kings 8.21.0
  • Battle camp 5.17.0
  • War robots 8.8.8
  • Minecraft (unlocked)
  • Pokemon, let’s go mobile. 
  • Shadow fight 2 v 2.25.0
  • Asphalt8 v7.0.01

Is It Safe To Download The Mod Apks From Appmuck.Com?

Downloading applications from Appmuck.com is pretty safe. The admins of Appmuck.com test all the Apk files before uploading them to their site. Only then upload the apps. So, downloading and installing Apk files from Appmuck.com is no harm to our smartphones. 

But there is a caution from our smartphones’ software: they resist downloading and installing from third parties as they claim they are not at all safe for the devices. But who is bothered when users have all the premium features of the paid apps for free?

Does Appmuck.Com Provide Software And Games For Windows?

Yes, Appmuck.com uploads applications and games for windows too. It provides unlimited access to several software apps for PCs with the key.  

Best Alternatives Of Appmuck.Com

  • APKMB (https://apkmb.com)
  • Apk4all (https://Apk4all.com)
  • Oglinject (https://oglinject.in)
  • Apkcombo (https://Apkcombo.com)
  • Reddit (https://reddit.in)
  • Android hackers (https://Androidhackers.com)
  • HapyMod (https://happymod.in)
  • Mobilism (https://mobilism.org)

Does Appmuck.Com Allow Users To Download For Free?

Appmuck.com allows users to download premium content for free without costing a single penny.

Pros Of Appmuck.com

  • Appmuck.com allows users to enjoy premium apps without any interruptions.
  • It doesn’t show any unnecessary advertisements.
  • TikTok, Roblox, and Pub G are available on Appmuck.com. They are the searched and downloaded apps on the website. 
  • The web management tests the apps and games before uploading them to the website. 
  • So far, no complaints about the website’s safety and security have been recorded. 

Cons Of Appmuck.com

Except Appmuck is a third-party app, there are no effective cons about the website.


Appmuck.com offers tweaked, modded apps for Android and iOS users for free. Several downloads and uploads take place on the website every day. Users love to download mod Apk files because they can get premium features of the games and applications they download for free.

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