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Amazon Voucher, How To Do It, How To Convert It And How To Use It

The Amazon voucher is a physical or digital gift card that, once redeemed, adds credit to your account. How to make it, convert it and use it

The Amazon voucher is nothing more than a prepaid gift card associated with an alphanumeric code that allows you to add credit to the reference account once redeemed. Except for the Amazon vouchers created through 18app and the teacher’s card, which are transformed into discount codes to be applied during the purchase phase. With the redeemed credit, it is possible to make any purchase, as long as it relates to a product or service available on Jeff Bezos’ popular e-commerce site.

All About Amazon Coupons

Amazon vouchers can be purchased to redeem them personally (perhaps taking advantage of promotions to obtain extra credit) or to give as gifts to others. They can be created through the Amazon app or website or purchased in physical stores: electronics chains, bookstores, tobacconists and other businesses.

They are available in digital versions, printable, “pre-packaged” greeting cards and box sets. The amount of each voucher is variable, from a minimum of 0.15 cents to a maximum of 5,000 euros, and the expiry is 10 years from the date of issue. 

The credit from Amazon vouchers can be used only once; it can be used several times and combined with other payment methods (such as credit cards), where the available sum does not fully cover the purchase of the good of interest.

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How To Make An Amazon Voucher

An indispensable prerequisite before discovering how to make an Amazon voucher is to have an account on the e-commerce platform associated with a valid payment method. Otherwise, you need to register. Once registered, you can use your smartphone or tablet to purchase the vouchers or follow the procedure from your computer.

In the section dedicated to Gift Certificates, Amazon offers different formats:

Digital: the voucher is sent to the recipient via email or SMS, accompanied by an image and greeting. By opting for this format, you can postpone the date of sending up to 1 year.

To be printed: once the payment has been made, the buyer receives a mail message from Amazon containing the voucher to be published, together with the instructions for “packaging” it.

In a greeting card or box set: after personalizing the gift voucher and concluding the transaction, you can choose whether to have it delivered to your home or to have it delivered to the recipient (by courier)

Amazon also provides filters to find the ideal voucher more quickly: by occasion, shipment, product, recipient, price, brand, average customer review, sellers, etc. Like some classifications: bestsellers, some suggestions, the most wanted, the most given, and the most voted.

Furthermore, it is possible to top up your Amazon voucher balance using a credit or debit card and purchase items on Amazon without adding payment details at checkout. This way, you can set aside a certain amount for purchases and keep your budget in check.

Gift Voucher: How To Buy It On Amazon

Once you have chosen the type of voucher, you need to select the style of the accompanying illustration, which can be classic, animated or personalized with your photo or video, and choose the amount (from a minimum of 0.15 cents to a maximum of 5000 euros) and the method of delivery between email, SMS or at home.

Finally, it is necessary to indicate the recipient’s address of the voucher and, if desired, an accompanying message, thus proceeding with purchasing the gift card. It is possible to purchase up to 400 Amazon vouchers in a single order. The total value must be at most 75,000 euros.

How To Convert An Amazon Voucher

Converting an Amazon voucher is simple, as you need to access the appropriate section of your account and enter the gift card code (14-15 alphanumeric characters). The procedure can be performed from a PC, smartphone, and tablet through the Amazon app for Android and iOS / iPadOS. 

The digital or paper gift certificate (bought in-store or purchased and printed at home) makes no difference in the redemption method. In the case of a plastic gift card, to obtain the code to redeem, it may be necessary to scratch or remove the protective coating on the back of the card.

An Amazon voucher can be redeemed at any time and is valid for 10 years from the date of issue.

If you received the voucher in digital format by email, the code is indicated in the email, and you can add the gift card amount to your Amazon account directly from here. Regardless of the type of voucher redeemed, the message on the amount applied to your account will confirm that the gift card amount has been added to the Amazon balance available on your account.

How To Use An Amazon Voucher

If all goes well, the amount of the converted gift voucher can be redeemed during the order payment process. After adding the items you want to purchase to your cart, on the screen where you select the payment method, enter the gift card code in the appropriate field to convert the voucher. 

In any case, you can choose whether to use Amazon credit to pay for orders or whether to keep it and use another payment method. If you spend more than the voucher credit amount, you will be able to pay part of the order with Amazon credit and the rest with another payment method associated with your account.

You cannot use an Amazon gift card to purchase other gift cards 

Sometimes, if you add gift cards to your account after your order has been placed but not shipped, any new gift cards you add will automatically be applied to your placed order once it sends. If needed, you can view your total Amazon account balance, which contains the remaining amount of redeemed (and still unused) vouchers.