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Remove The Instagram Tag – It’s That Easy!

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can easily remove tags on Instagram and see if you can undo them too.

You have been tagged again on Instagram by a spam bot and want to remove the Instagram tag. Or one of your followers has ordered you even though you don’t want it? Then in this article, we will show you how to remove the Instagram tag.

Remove The Instagram Tag In Just Three Steps

You can remove the Instagram tag if a spam bot has tagged you again. This is especially useful if you have become the winner again in an alleged competition or have been organized in another questionable post. But maybe a friend tagged you in a photo, and you want to avoid being associated with this post. Whatever your reason, we’ll show you how it works in just a few steps:

  1. Tap the tagged photo or video with your finger. All profiles marked on it now appear.
  2. Tap your name. If any accounts were ranked in the image or video, you might have to look for something.
  3. Now select “remove me from the post.”

And that was about it. It’s that easy to remove Instagram tags.

Can I Undo The Removed Instagram Tags?

Maybe you accidentally removed an Instagram tag and want to undo it. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Once you detach yourself from a marker, you cannot add yourself back. But what you can do: Ask the creator to add you again.

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How To Set Who Can Tag You

By the way, you can also specify who can tag you in the privacy settings. And it goes like this:

  1. To do this, tap Privacy in Settings.
  2. From there, select “Posts.”
  3. Here you can select the target group that is allowed to tag you under “Who can tag you?” (found under “Posts”). For example, the audience can be Everyone, People You Follow, or Nobody.

You can also determine who can mention you in the privacy settings and how to control who can link you with an “@” sign and your username in the text of a photo or video. Again, the steps are similar to the marker settings.

Since spam bots keep recreating and renaming themselves, removing every Instagram tag can become quite a hassle. So before you despair of deleting your account, you can adjust your privacy settings. With the “People you follow” sets, you can specify that only people you follow are allowed to tag you.

What Are Tags On Instagram Anyway?

You’ve probably seen the little icon with a head in the bottom left corner of photos or videos on Instagram. This means that the creator tagged someone in the image or video. If you tap the post once, all the tags will appear as black speech bubbles with the usernames. You can tag other accounts in your photos and videos on Instagram to show who you are with or who is in the image. Or you want organized people to create a similar post on their account. 

You can tag a friend in an old photo you haven’t seen. Once you’ve selected an image or video you’d like to share with others, you can tag another account in the tag person box. Enter the username of the person you’d like to order in your post, then tap Done when you’re done. You can also tag someone afterward. To do this, select the relevant post and tap on the three dots next to the center. 

Our Conclusion

Now you know how to remove an Instagram tag. It’s easy. Unfortunately, you cannot drag and undo an Instagram tag. So think about whether you want to remove your mark. We hope you found our instructions helpful and wish you a lot of fun with Instagram.