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How To Buy On Amazon

On Amazon, you can find unmissable discounts and products at reduced prices daily: here’s how to buy on the platform with the most suitable payment method.

Amazon is the largest and most famous e-commerce website on the web. Consumers worldwide use it daily to make purchases and to take advantage of the platform’s advantages: fast and secure shipments, different payment methods, periodic discounts and unmissable offers. Even those less familiar with digital tools are interested in how to shop on Amazon since it has become an objective point of reference for consumers after an initial skepticism towards online shopping. 

The platform has grown exponentially, expanding the catalog of products offered. Today you can find everything: books, household appliances, beauty items, clothing, toys, food, jewellery, accessories and much more.

Amazon, Why Shop On The Platform: The Advantages

Ordering on Amazon is simple, as it has a highly intuitive interface. There is also a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS devices, which can search for products and proceed with the purchase quickly.

After placing your order, you can track the shipment status and understand the path of your package. Once the item has been received, if it is not to your liking, not compliant or not working, it can be returned within 30 days of receipt. Depending on the seller or the product, there may be different return policies: return, replacement or full refund of the amount spent.

For each product, shipping times and costs are accurately indicated. If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, shipments are always free, and, in most cases, delivery takes place in about 24 hours.

Wish lists can be created, which can be private or made public. You can set up periodic purchases for items purchased periodically, determining quantity and frequency to stay supplied. You will get automatic deliveries and further discounts, which reach up to 10% on the list price.

Amazon also has a wide range of used products in perfect or in good condition. They are the ideal choice for those who want to save money or make ecological or environmentally friendly choices.

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How To Buy On Amazon

Amazon has provided various payment options to make the purchase possible for all users and meet every need. You can use most credit and debit cards, cash or even make purchases in installments.

Over the years, the company has taken part in various government initiatives. On the platform, it is possible to spend the incentives offered to teachers and the newly eighteen-year-olds for the permitted product categories as part of the Teacher’s Card and the Culture Bonus. 

How To Buy On Amazon With A Credit Or Debit Card

Amazon accepts a variety of credit and debit cards. These include those belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron, Nexi, Postepay, Mastercard, American Express circuit, PayPal prepaid cards connected to the Visa or Mastercard circuit, Paysafe/Skrill cards connected to the Mastercard and international Maestro circuit.

Credit cards can be managed in the personal area, precisely in the Amazon Wallet, adding and removing them at any time, even when you are not making a purchase. Before confirming the order, the bank may ask for payment verification or confirmation via Internet Banking applications or other channels. 

How To Shop On Amazon Without A Credit Or Debit Card

You can choose several alternative methods if you avoid using credit/debit cards. You can use the money in a current account through direct debit, provided the current account is valid in a country that adheres to the SEPA direct debit system.

The BIC code (SWIFT code), the IBAN and the holder’s name must be entered. The withdrawal of the money is made when the orders are shipped. Not all products can be purchased by debiting a current account.

How To Buy On Amazon With A Gift Card

If you have received an Amazon gift card, it can be used for purchases on the platform on all categories of products deemed eligible within ten years of the gift card being issued. They cannot be reloaded, resold or redeemed for cash.

How To Buy On Amazon With Cash

Amazon offers the possibility of buying in cash thanks to the presence of authorized points of sale in the area where you can make the payment. In case of a return, with this method, the refund cannot be made, but the buyer will be provided with a voucher that can be spent on the platform. 

How To Buy On Amazon With 18 Apps Or With The Teacher Card

The Culture Bonus for under-18s and the Teacher Card for teachers benefits amount to 500 euros, which can be spent on Amazon. Through the platforms of specific initiatives, such as the web application 18 app, vouchers convertible into Amazon codes can be issued.

How To Buy On Amazon With PayPal

With Paypal, you cannot make purchases on Amazon because the account is one of the payment methods not accepted by the platform.

Other methods that cannot be used are wire transfers, cheques, postal orders, book vouchers, SKRILL accounts, cash on delivery and bank transfers.

How To Buy On Amazon In Installments

New products and Amazon Certified New and Refurbished devices sold and shipped by Amazon can be purchased in installments (5 or 12). The method can be used by accounts resident in Italy, active for at least one year and with a valid associated credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can start the procedure for requesting a Cofidis loan directly from the platform.

How to buy on Amazon with the invoice

Amazon Business customers eligible to shop on credit can shop on a pay-by-bill basis. This is an invitation-only program that is always available to everyone. Before activating it, the platform performs a preventive evaluation of the profile.