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How To Contact Amazon

Amazon has become the benchmark for online shopping. Let’s see how customer service works and how to contact Amazon for assistance.

Amazon has now become the point of reference for electronic shopping, with millions buying the most diverse items daily.

Among the strengths of the e-commerce giant are excellent customer service and the ability to respond promptly to any doubt or Request from users.

In case of any problem, it is possible to contact the assistant who, in the shortest possible time, will be able to find the perfect solution to solve any inconvenience.

Let’s see how to contact Amazon.

How To Contact Amazon From The Official App

  • Before talking about how to contact the company, a clarification should be made. For some time, the company has preferred reports from the appropriate section of the site and therefore encourages users to follow the pre-set paths designed to answer all the doubts of the case.
  • The procedure for contacting Amazon Customer Service from the official App is quite intuitive and, with a few simple steps, allows users to receive information and support on any topic concerning the famous e-commerce.
  • Once the application is open, tap the three lines at the bottom right and select Customer Service. 
  • At this point, a section containing all the most frequent requests organized by topic will open.
  • Here it will be possible to manage your Amazon account with total autonomy and receive information on the devices used, orders, personal data, and much more.
  • Among the other possibilities, it is also possible to report suspicious activities in the store, denouncing all those “oddities” that could catch the eye of the buyer. 

How To Contact Amazon By Phone From The Application

  • The section dedicated to Customer Service is full of information. It is designed to help the user solve any problem without resorting to calls to the official call center, so much so that the option to be called back by an Amazon operator is no longer in evidence.
  • In short, the company prefers that people manage their accounts themselves, offering an intuitive solution to resolve doubts simply by following the instructions of the bots or the diagram on the Customer Service page.
  • The peculiarity of Amazon Assistance is that it allows you to deepen any situation up to more specific help methods. For example, by selecting a topic, it is possible to read all the information about it and, if necessary, find out more about it with other related news.
  • If the answers found do not satisfy the user, it is possible to chat with the Amazon bot, which will quickly answer any question. This, among other things, is also the company’s preferred method of contact, as it is fast and very efficient.
  • If not even the bot can solve a problem, it can be called back by an operator in the flesh. After you select I still need help, your options include Send an Email Now or Request a Call Now.
  • Selecting the second option, the user’s telephone will start ringing within a few seconds. On the other side, there will be an operator who, in perfect Italian, can provide the requested assistance.

How To Contact Amazon From A Desktop

  • To reach customer service from a computer, you first need to go to the official Amazon website, log in and, at the top right, click on Accounts and lists.
  • Then select My Account from the drop-down menu and finally click on Contact Us. Once in this section, the user will again find the scheme containing all the most frequent requests. Selecting one of them will open the more specific subsection containing all the information in this regard.
  • Here you can fully manage your experience on Amazon and receive information about your account, registered devices, orders placed, or report “something suspicious.”
  • Among other features, each user can find out how to directly contact a third-party seller on the platform by getting in touch in person and asking the person concerned any question about his products. This section of the App is also dedicated to anyone who wants to make a complaint. 
  • The company is very concerned with the well-being of its customers, and after complaints and reports, generally, emails or calls could follow up to ensure everything goes well.

How To Contact Amazon By Phone From Desktop

  • The Customer Assistance section is truly boundless and allows you to find answers to any question easily, even adding suggestions and advice on how to best use the platform and how to make purchases in total safety.
  • As already mentioned, Amazon prefers users to use this space to manage their accounts better, which is why it has created an efficient and very intuitive customer service method. Even scrolling down the page, you can type your problem and wait for the site to search its huge archive—an even simpler way of orienting oneself in the vast sea of ​​proposals and solutions.
  • Even from the Desktop, if the answers found are not satisfactory, you can interface with the Amazon bot, which will quickly answer any question. If even this is impossible to solve the problem, you can request to speak to an operator in the flesh. After selecting I still need help, you can click Request a call now.

How To Contact Amazon Without An Account

It is possible to contact Amazon Customer Service, even if you don’t have an account; however, in this way, there will be much fewer settings available than those of a registered profile.

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From the site’s home page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Customer Service; this will open a tab very similar to the one already seen with the previous procedures.

From this new section, to receive assistance, you need to log in to your private area or register with Amazon. Alternatively, the only accessible tabs are those for the general explanation of the services and those relating to the platform registration procedure.