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3 iOS Apps To Consult Medication Leaflets

Many people have asked us to list in a single article the applications that allow you to read drug leaflets or information leaflets that accompany over-the-counter drugs sold in pharmacies.After researching and testing them, we can list the three free applications worth downloading. The applications are available on the AppStore and are accessible to blind and visually impaired people who use VoiceOver on iPhones and iPad.

I Handbook

app store tab Hurontario Medica is the complete pharmaceutical Handbook on the AppStore, with detailed information on over 21,000 drugs constantly updated. Say goodbye to the old paper handbook; now you can consult all the data easily, quickly and without an internet connection, wherever you are. Accessibility is good.

App Features

  1. Search for medicines by Commercial Name, Active Ingredient or AIC Code
  2. Scan the barcode on the medicine box
  3. Search for medicine through the ATC classification system
  4. View equivalent medicines sorted by price
  5. Save your medicines and receive an alert when it is about to expire
  6. Search for a drug based on the pathology
  7. View the search history

Data Available On Drugs

  1. Commercial Name
  2. Active Ingredient
  3. Price
  4. Class
  5. Recipe
  6. Packaging
  7. ATC Group
  8. Complete Package Leaflet 
  9. Gluten
  10. Content
  11.  Lactose Content
  12. Pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and preclinical safety data
  13.  Barcode and AIC

Pharmawizard – Open Pharmacies-Drugs

app store tab Do you take the pill, use the patch or other contraceptives and want to check which drugs can interact? Want to check if your usual medications interact with impotence medications like Viagra or Cialis? Are you a mother or pregnant and want to know if you can take a particular medicine for yourself or your baby? Through Pharmawizard, you will immediately find, for free, the information you are looking for. 

Are period pains ruining your days? Headache, sore throat, hemorrhoids, herpes, candida, pain and inflammation? With Pharma Wizard, discover the most suitable product for your symptom and find the open pharmacy and parapharmacy closest to you. PharmaWizard is a free app to guide you between branded and equivalent medicines, with the possibility of comparing them to help you choose the most suitable one. The data used by PharmaWizard relating to pharmacies and drugs are official: the sources are the Open Data of the Ministry of Health and the Farmadati Italia database.

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Pharmawizard Features

Search, compare, know: PharmaWizard is a Health app that helps you choose and use your medicines.With PharmaWizard, you know branded medicines, equivalent and over-the-counter medicines, active ingredients, indications and intolerances.

Your health is a choice. With PharmaWizard, you choose to know.


DRUG With PharmaWizard, you can search and choose a drug, an active ingredient or a pharmaceutical company. You can find equivalent drugs of the same therapeutic class or with the same active ingredient.


You can start from a symptom to discover the most suitable over-the-counter medicines.


Enter the name of one or two drugs to consult the possible interactions.

Find Pharmacy

Enter the address and the pharmacy’s name, or geolocate yourself to find the closest to you.

PharmaWizard offers you the ability to find many answers with one

search. Wherever you are! Accessibility is good.

Drug Finder

App store tab The application allows you to find the real-time availability of all the products (drugs, para pharmaceuticals, etc.) managed in the pharmacies belonging to the cerca farmaco. It circuits (currently more than 800) closest to the user and to have information on them, such as hours and services provided. It is also possible to book the product and collect it directly from the pharmacy. Accessibility is good.