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Why Is Using Integrated Communication So Important? 

The market is constantly evolving. That is, a new social network may emerge tomorrow and change how we communicate. Therefore, integrated communication is so important for companies.

The concept of integrated communication is to put into practice a strategy that makes companies stand out in customer service. And thus ensure his satisfaction. 

And, with so many possibilities, applications and means of communication, the ideal is to have messages that unify the digital relationship. 

So, to better understand the subject, we will explain the concept of integrated communication and how it came about. 

What Is Integrated Communication?

Integrated communication is a strategy that aligns and integrates all brand communication. That is, all messages are uniform and clear. Therefore, all types of communication have a single purpose and the same tone of voice. 

In this way, it is possible to reinforce the brand image in front of the public. Generating a uniform experience for your customers regardless of the channel used.

An example is creating a FAQ page. Because there are all the frequently asked questions, this optimizes the service time. But what are the benefits of integrated communication for companies?

Why Create A FAQ Page For Your Company?

The Frequently Asked Questions page, FAQ, which users ask the most, can be a strategy for your company to optimize service time. Know how!

FAQ is the acronym for Frequently Asked Questions, that is, Frequently Asked Questions. In this way, the FAQ page is a space within your company’s website that centralizes the most recurrent questions asked by customers. 

Thus, one of the objectives of the FAQ is to optimize service time, leaving important information systematized in an accessible way for its customers. 

Interested in the subject? Please learn how to create your FAQ page and enjoy its advantages intelligently! Good reading! 

What Are The Advantages Of Having An FAQ? 

The FAQ is a page created within a company’s website that gathers customers’ most frequently asked questions. 

That way, the simple act of creating the page saves your support team from spending time answering the same questions every day. 

Therefore, the main advantages of having a FAQ on your company’s website are: 

  • Increase the productivity of your team; 
  • Decrease operational cost; 
  • Improve customer experience with your brand; 
  • Help build customer loyalty; 
  • Enable the increase in sales volume;
  • Reduce waiting time for service.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Integrated Communication? 

Now that the concept is clear and you know the importance of integrated customer communication, we separate four important points.

Are they:

1 – Greater Effectiveness And Proactivity 

The first — and most impactful — benefit of integrated communication is the understanding of communication. That is, it is visible how a single message can produce more impact than several messages that do not connect.

Thus, the message is absorbed and understood more clearly and objectively, regardless of the channel. This way, communication becomes proactive, and the company and the customer become closer, generating engagement and attention. 

2 – Strengthening The Brand 

Another important point of this communication is the strengthening of the brand. This makes reinforcing the company’s values, purpose and mission easier. 

In this way, the unique message helps fix the brand in the minds of customers, which is an important point in strengthening the brand. Because by doing this, your brand gains personality and your voice becomes recognized. For example, it’s like reading a message and automatically thinking, “Look, of course, it was company X that spoke”. 

3 – Economy 

In addition to strengthening the brand, integrated communication also helps to reduce costs, as the reduction of rework and stress is much smaller. It is possible to use the same material in different media, just making adjustments and adaptations.

Therefore, the economy happens, and your team can focus on making the messages more unified and not producing new ones.

4 – Strategy That Works 

With an integrated communication plan, unifying messages from all channels and media is possible. Making customer service more effective and quality. 

Your overall communication strategy does not need to change; you must align all your company’s messages and tone of voice in a single model.

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