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Chatbot For Recruitment And Selection: Learn How To Use It In Your Company

Chatbot for recruitment and selection can facilitate your team’s work. Understand how to apply it to your company!

Chatbots are increasingly present in our daily lives. They can perform various tasks, such as making a reservation at a restaurant or purchasing a product. In addition, they also assist in the process of recruiting and selecting candidates.

The advent of technology has transformed society as a whole. Thus, technology in recruitment and selection has also significantly impacted the selection and hiring of new employees. If you are a Human Resources professional, it is essential to understand the role of technology in performing your functions; after all, today’s Rh is not the same as it was five years ago and will not be the same in five years. 

In this article, you will learn what chatbots are and how they help thousands of recruiters in their day-to-day tasks.

What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots are computer programs capable of simulating a conversation with a human through a text or voice interface . Therefore, chatbots are used as a means to provide automated service to customers, companies or end users.

Some examples of chatbots are virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Other examples include bots providing support or even customer service at a company.

How The Chatbot Can Help In Recruitment

In recruitment and selection, chatbots simulate conversations with candidates. Thus, asking questions about their experience, professional goals and other issues relevant to the vacancy. This way, recruiters can have first contact with the candidate and assess whether he has the desired profile for the vacancy more quickly.

Unlike traditional recruitment and selection processes, the chatbot can quickly provide more relevant information about the candidate so that the recruiter can decide whether or not to pursue that talent. This means your candidates don’t have to wait days or weeks to get feedback, improving their experience. 

Furthermore, the chatbot can also help lower the cost of the recruitment and selection process. He can also do many of the tasks normally performed by a recruiter (such as interviewing candidates). Therefore, this means that the company can save both time and money. 

Interview via A Chatbot For Recruitment

Interview via chatbot is a great way to screen candidates for a job. In this way, it allows you to evaluate candidates more objectively and accurately. This process makes everything faster and less expensive than a traditional interview.

Chatbots are capable of conducting an interview based on predetermined questions. Subject to the same questions, this makes the process fairer. Hence, it makes it easy for recruiters to compare candidate responses and select the best talent for the vacancy.

In addition, chatbot interviews allow you to evaluate candidates in a less stressful environment than a traditional interview. This is especially important for those candidates who suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues, as they may feel more comfortable answering questions when talking to a chatbot than when talking to a human.

How To Create A Chatbot For Recruitment And Selection

Chatbots are increasingly present in organizations, assisting in recruitment and selection. With the popularization of artificial intelligence tools, this technology has gained space to optimize the selection process, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

To create a chatbot for recruitment and selection, it is important to consider its purpose, the platform where it will be deployed, interface design and dialogue content. In addition, it is necessary to choose which stages of the recruitment and selection process the chatbot will assist.

We have already seen that chatbots can be very useful for your recruitment and selection, and using them is also very easy. Take the opportunity to learn more and make your recruitment and selection process more agile. 

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