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5 (Often Overlooked) Ways To Find New Prospects On LinkedIn

With 380 million subscribers, including 10 million registered in France, LinkedIn is the preferred social network for developing your professional network. Recruit future employees, find partners, contact experts, and find new suppliers; you will have to understand that the possibilities for developing your activity on LinkedIn are rather varied.

They even go as far as prospecting for new customers. But how exactly do you go about finding new leads? Check out our five effective ways to find new prospects on LinkedIn. And, although you’re an experienced pro, I’m sure you can learn a few new tricks. You tell us!

Changes In Jobs Or Skills Of Your Followers

When people change jobs, they are often more open to consuming new products or services because the desire for change is general! And that’s when you have to succeed in picking it to lure it into your nets! Your offer could certainly seduce her.

But how do you know if your subscribers have changed jobs? The new Linkedin homepage keeps you updated with news and lets you stay in touch with your network. New job, new skills, in the blink of an eye, you know if there is something new in your network! Just reach them as soon as possible so you don’t lose sight of them.

The LinkedIn Sidebar

You may have missed the opportunity to duplicate your best customers! The LinkedIn sidebar (column to the right of the profile) includes the “other pages viewed” your client has visited.

It’s simple; you just have to go to the profile of one of your “1st order” customers/prospects, then you have on your right the column “other pages consulted,” which contains other contacts, sometimes similar to yours. What could be easier to find new prospects?

Your Competitors’ Networks

The good news is that you can spy on your competitors’ client lists on LinkedIn! Finding new prospects unfamiliar with your products is often even more difficult than selling to a competitor’s customer. Perhaps you have already tried to convince your competitors’ customers by explaining why it would be better to go for your offer. 

But what you are missing, as you will have understood, is a list of contacts. And LinkedIn has arrived! If the profiles of members of other networks are not protected, this is the jackpot for you! You will indeed be able to access even the contacts of your rivals. A word of advice carefully sifts through their networks to find your new prospects and contact them via the platform.

The LinkedIn Content Aggregator: Pulse 

LinkedIn is full of features that are often hidden… “Pulse,” accessible in the “Interests” section, offers you articles that can be very useful to your customers. More than a curation tool, it is also a good means of prospecting to go fishing for new contacts.

How? By leaving a comment and liking an article, for example. Two small steps will allow you to improve your visibility with people who have read the article. And, if, in addition, the subject relates to the sector of your company or your offer, it is all good!

The Search For Former Students

If you are familiar with the standard search on LinkedIn, you may not know this more advanced feature: the “alumni” search. Indeed, it is not always easy to send a message to someone you do not know to sell them your services/products. Also, the standard search on LinkedIn doesn’t always bring you people who might have common interests with you.

Type in your browser’s address bar: Result: you get a list of people who attended the same university. The advantage is significant! You can learn about their current positions, their department, and their current skills. You can even choose the university’s name, which means there are numerous possibilities for new perspectives! As you will have understood, LinkedIn is a real pool of interesting contacts who may correspond to your commercial target. Do not hesitate to exploit all the possibilities of the platform. Granted, many features are sometimes hard to find. 

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