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What Is Shift Management Software?  Introducing Functions And Benefits

Shift creators and store managers may have an image that shift management takes time and effort. To minimize the burden of shift management, it is recommended to introduce shift management software. This article will introduce the functions, benefits, and how to choose shift management software.

What Is Shift Management Software?

Shift management software is software that efficiently manages work related to attendance, such as collecting employee shifts and creating shift tables. Shift creation and management are essential for companies and stores, and it is a task that requires a certain amount of operation.

The number of companies and stores where employees and managers access the Internet and manage shifts is increasing. By introducing shift management software, you can improve the efficiency of shift management.

Main Functions Of Shift Management Software

The function of shift management software is not limited to shift creation. The shift management software includes a function that allows you to manage attendance. You can also check the work status, such as grasping the attendance status by clocking, taking vacations, and absenteeism.

There is also shift management software that includes payroll functions. It’s cloud-ready, so you can create and view shifts from anywhere, which is very convenient. Let’s take a closer look at each feature of the shift management software.

Shift Creation/Management/Adjustment

Shift creation with shift management software can be automatically created by registering work styles in advance based on employee applications. In addition, an adjustment function can assign substitute personnel even if sudden absences occur. With the automatic shift creation and adjustment functions, you can significantly reduce the time and effort involved in managing shifts.

Attendance Management

With shift management software, you can manage attendance. You can get an accurate picture of your employees’ work status by tracking their attendance and their breaks, vacations, and absences.


Shift management software can link with payroll software. By automatically calculating payroll according to shifts created with shift management software and managing them individually, you can reduce the time it takes to calculate payroll.

Other Features

Some shift management software includes functions other than shift creation, attendance management, and payroll. A function allows you to compare the created shift with the actual work record and check how much there is a difference.

Advantages Of Introducing Shift Management Software

Creating and managing shifts is a heavy-duty task. However, if you introduce shift management software, you can enjoy various benefits. Here are four benefits. You can easily manage shifts by knowing the benefits of introducing shift management software.

You Can Break Away From Excel Management

Creating shifts using Excel is cheap and easy, but creating complex shifts is time-consuming and challenging. In addition, the creator must consider the employees’ fairness and the adjustment of the excess and shortage of personnel. You can break away from creating and managing shifts using Excel by introducing shift management software.

Human Error Occurrence Can Be Suppressed

When creating shifts based on employee requests, if they are done manually, there is a risk of errors in taking or entering. Human error can be prevented by introducing shift management software that includes a function that automatically creates shifts based on requests from employees.

Realize Operational Efficiency

By introducing shift management software, it is possible to improve the efficiency of shift creation and management and efficiently allocate employees by having a shift table that allows better operation. As a result, it can reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency.

Prevents Work From Becoming Dependent On Individual Skills

Personalization is a situation where only the person in charge knows the information. Shift creation is said to be easy to depend on the individual because there is a wide range of considerations, such as work characteristics and demand forecasts.

By introducing shift management software, it is possible to include and operate the software that should be considered when creating shifts.

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