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Wasabi Cloud: SEP Expands Portfolio For Data Protection

SEP, a backup and disaster recovery manufacturer, and hot cloud storage provider Wasabi Technologies, have now agreed on a technology partnership. This enables companies to secure heterogeneous environments and data in the Wasabi Cloud in compliance with GDPR.

  • Through cooperation, Wasabi Cloud and SEP sesam enable efficient and versatile backup concepts.
  • Users can secure heterogeneous environments and cloud data in a GDPR-compliant manner with just one solution.
  • The integrated, efficient SEP-Si3 NG deduplication is used here.

SEP now supports Wasabi solutions for migration, source-side deduplication, backup mounting for single file restore, and backup set replication. SEP sesam users can choose the Wasabi Cloud as another important cloud platform for their data backup. Distributed security scenarios have become increasingly important due to the dramatic increase in cybercrime.

With the recently introduced new version of Si3-NG deduplication technology, fast, secure, and efficient data backup is guaranteed. Wasabi’s S3 file hosting service is controlled directly from the SEP sesam administration interface. Wasabi’s European data centres, which were opened in Frankfurt and Paris, among other places, ensure data is backed up following the EU GDPR guidelines.

Wasabi Cloud Is Ready For Data Growth

IT managers rely on backup and recovery solutions they know and trust. It’s just as essential for them to choose offsite backup locations that comply with data sovereignty regulations. Therefore, SEP and Wasabi have teamed up to provide businesses with a comprehensive backup solution ready to meet data growth challenges and increase cybersecurity demands. A simple application is possible for users due to the identical behaviour of local and cloud-based data storage.

The data transmission is optimised by the integrated, efficient SEP-Si3 NG deduplication. In addition, the backups can be mounted directly from the Wasabi Cloud for single file restore. SEP offers new functions for compliance with the EU GDPR through simplified media management. Managed service providers can also grant account-based permissions for virtual machines and receive a redesigned MSP report.

Another Step Towards Diversified Data Storage

We are pleased that the technology partnership allows us to take another step towards diversified data storage of backup sets. Because in the face of rapidly increasing cyber threats, company data must be secured as widely distributed as possible to be less vulnerable,” says Jan Trinkl, Vice President of Sales at SEP.

“Data sovereignty and privacy are a driving force behind decisions about cloud infrastructures across Europe. Not only has Wasabi expanded its operations in the region to meet this demand, but our partnership with SEP also validates our commitment to provide a best-in-class, robust backup and recovery strategy in the face of increasing cybersecurity and ransomware threats.” Richard Czech, VP EMEA, Sales at Wasabi Technologies. 

SEP AG is a manufacturer of backup and disaster recovery software solutions to protect cross-platform, heterogeneous IT environments. SEP relies on a partner network and for sales on well-trained system houses.

Wasabi Technologies provides predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses worldwide. Wasabi Cloud enables enterprises to store and instantly access unlimited amounts of data at one-fifth the competition’s price, with no complex layers or unpredictable exit fees. Founded by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, the company has recently raised nearly $275 million in funding. 

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