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Mobile Telephony, What Are eSims? And Why Are They Safer?

In the future, the integrated calling card could completely replace the physical one, and it already works with some smartphones and operators today. A short guide to understanding if it’s worth it

What Is Meant By eSIM?

The eSim is a digital and integrated Sim of the univocal authentication system for accessing the cellular network via a smartphone, a tablet, or an Internet of Things (IoT) device. The eSIM is a virtual version of the traditional SIM card, which therefore goes from being a chip implanted on a PVC support to be inserted in special housing to transforming into a circuit integrated into the device and easily programmable via software.

The SIM card, or nanoSIM or microSIM, is replaced by a virtual service, the eSIM, which stands for embedded Subscriber identity module. For the latest generation mobile devices, designed to benefit from this option, i.e. equipped with a special microchip of extremely small dimensions but capable of containing all the information necessary for the unambiguous identification of the past, no longer need, for example, the card to be physically inserted into the smartphone to get a telephone number. The latter is activated virtually on your smartphone with just a few steps.

How The eSIM Works

Technically, eSIMs are based on a universal integrated circuit of the embed type fixed inside the device hardware. In detail, to be accredited on the network with a certain operator, the user is installed by obtaining a 19-digit Iccid serial code which uniquely identifies the Sim and an authentication key generated by the carrier, together with pin and puk codes, just like for traditional Sims. 

The procedure for installing an eSIM is simple: it is sufficient to frame a special QR code issued by the mobile telephone operator with which a data plan has been subscribed. Switching from one smartphone to another is also easy and immediate: first, you must deactivate the eSIM from the previous smartphone. And then, install the eSIM on the next smartphone by scanning the QR code associated with the digital SIM.

What Is The Difference Between SIM And eSIM?

The SIM is an actual card with a chip that is extremely normal in buyer gadgets like cell phones. But from a business perspective, they’re far from easy to manage: A business with a growing number of SIM-enabled devices also has a maintenance backlog. While traditional SIM cards are everywhere, their design stands in the way of the future of mobile telephony. 

The main problem is represented by the dimensions: a SIM is a physical object that takes up space, undoubtedly small, but certainly superior to other components: for example, a nano SIM estimates 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm, while an eSIM estimates only 6 mm x 5 mm, which saves the greater part of the space. Furthermore, a SIM is easily damaged and can be stolen. An eSIM, on the other hand, supports the role that the traditional physical SIM card has, such as checking the authentication service for mobile devices, but with one crucial difference: the eSIM can be programmed remotely. 

Also, as it consists of a chip permanently soldered to the board in the device, it cannot be removed except by desoldering, which will likely prevent it from functioning later. This means that an eSIM offers more protection against theft or tampering. The essential condition for companies.

What Are The Advantages Of The eSIM

  1. The first and most obvious advantage is the impossibility of losing the SIM card or, perhaps, breaking it by mistake.
  2. Second, there is no longer any need to purchase a new data plan portability card physically, and, therefore, it is possible to enable it on your smartphone virtually, transferring your telephone number from one operator to another faster.
  3. Thirdly, numerous virtual users can be saved, being able to activate one from time to time based on one’s needs.
  4. Fourth, they set up quickly and safely.
  5. Fifth, manufacturers can make smartphones with larger batteries or use the SIM space for other technologies.
  6. Sixth, they enhance the device’s strength and sturdiness by avoiding using a pull-out slot that can create damage or infiltration.
  7. Seventh, they are also particularly comfortable for connected IoT devices and wearables.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The eSIM

In the event of theft or loss, you must first block the eSIM and then request a new one. In case of the smartphone display breakage, it will not be possible to deactivate the eSIM. For example, an existing connection is required to activate an eSIM from another SIM or Wi-Fi coverage.

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