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What Is The Most Engaging Content On Facebook?

According to a study by Buffer and BuzzSumo, the engagement rate on Facebook has dropped by more than 50% in 18 months on Company Pages. Companies look to reverse the trend as engagement declines by reviewing their social media strategy.

A new study from Buffer and BuzzSumohas just been published about the most engaging content on Facebook. Since We were talking to you recently about what happened in an hour on the internet, today, we’ll tell you more about what content works best on Facebook. Thanks to these tips, you can better adapt your digital strategies on social networks. Facebook is the social network with the most active monthly users, so it’s important to use it as well as possible and know what content works best.

What Content Gets The Most Engagement On Facebook?

The Video Format Remains Unbeatable

In recent years, video has made a place for itself on the news feeds of our social networks. Indeed, this content is much more dynamic and attractive to users who prefer video publications rather than images.

Following the analysis of Buffer and BuzzSumo, videos generate much more engagement than other publication formats, namely images and link shares. Among the top 500 posts that generated the most engagement on Facebook in 2018, 81.8% of the most engaging posts were videos. Then 18% were images, and a shy 0.2% were links. Conversely, links received 76% less engagement than videos.

Videos That Are Funny, Inspirational, Or Both Generate The Most Reactions

Buffer and BuzzSumo then looked at the reactions associated with video posts. If they are interested in this, it is to show why users react to videos. Their study highlights that the “Haha” and “Love” reactions are the most used, totalling 81% of the reactions under the videos in 2018.

So users resort to reactions when they find a video inspiring, funny, or even simultaneously. Not all users react to videos with “Haha” and “Love” reactions. Some will react with “Wow” or even sad or angry emojis. This is why it is very important to know the needs and expectations of your target audience to offer them videos that are, above all, entertaining.

Inspirational, Fun Or Practical Content Generates The Most Engagement

Finally, the study analyzed the 500 best Facebook publications and the most used reactions. This helped to give an idea of ​​the most engaging content on the social network. Among the publications that met with the most success in 2018, there are three types of content:

  1. Sources of Inspiration
  2. fun content
  3. Practical content

How To Adapt Your Content Strategy On Facebook To Engage Your Community?

Users Love Positive Content

According to the same study, users prefer content that gives them positive emotions. As a company, favor inspiring content for your customers and practical advice. This content is within your reach, regardless of the sector of activity in which you operate. These contents are represented as being the most engaging content of this platform, but how to create engaging content?

How To Create Engaging Content?

First, you have to build a community and focus on it. Therefore, content that is too “marketed” or encourages too much sales should be avoided. They must, above all, be entertaining, but also, for companies, they must convey a human vision. Secondly, remember to interact with it.

Respond to their comments and reviews, whether positive or negative. And your responses should make your followers feel like they’re having a positive, memorable, and unique experience that will drive them to share that experience.

Third, you need to know your community. After having targeted them, it will be easier for you to determine their expectations. You can learn more about your community and establish one or more standard profiles thanks to Audience Insights, Facebook’s statistics tool. You will also be able to measure the success of your marketing strategies already in place.


You now have the keys to producing quality and engaging content on Facebook. Choose the video formats that are the ones that work best on the platform! Our social media expert is available to answer your questions and support you in your digital strategy. 

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