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Using Artificial Intelligence To Study Foreign Languages: Where Are We?

Artificial intelligence is the revolution of recent years. Some even argue that it could soon replace language teachers. But what is reality? Is learning a language through artificial intelligence possible, or is it still science fiction? Studying a language thanks to artificial intelligence is not the time yet.

Will Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize Online Language Learning?

There are many linguistic applications. If you have had the opportunity to use them, you will surely have realized that they are insufficient to study a language adequately. You can study basic vocabulary, but you will soon be faced with the limitations of these applications:

  1. non-personalized content;
  2. little content for the advanced level;
  3. no implementation;
  4. inability to exchange with a teacher…

Can artificial intelligence be used to fill these gaps? This is what some companies would like to achieve. In the United States and China, there is a strong focus on educational artificial intelligence. The goal would be to provide students with quality courses at lower costs.

The Balance Between The Human And The Digital Is Essential For Remote Language Learning

When studying a language, the human factor should not be underestimated. A robot, however good, will never understand your emotions as a student. You cannot count on him to motivate you when you feel isolated behind the screen or when you find yourself in a discouraging situation. An experienced teacher will be able to:

  1. understand your feelings;
  2. adapt the lessons and pedagogy to your needs;
  3. find the resources to face your challenges;
  4. identify your progress and shortcomings to suggest ways to improve.

Why Not Use Artificial Intelligence To Practice Languages ​​As A Complement To Training?

Artificial intelligence is not yet capable of teaching real lessons, but it can be used to supplement language training. Here are six things AI can help you with.

1- Identify And Understand Grammatical And Spelling Errors 

We did a test, and it turned out that the robot proved to be quite good at this exercise. However, we should do tests in languages ​​other than English to see if the results are just as convincing.

2- Translate Sentences

While AI is far from replacing language teachers, it’s not ready to replace translators either. However, it can help translate simple sentences from Italian to English. The results with Russian, however, were much more disappointing.

3- Deepen A Point Of Grammar And Provide Examples

Not sure whether to use the preterite or another tense? Ask the AI ​​for some clarification. They won’t go into detail, but they may be able to shed some light on the matter.

4- Find Useful Resources For Your Language Progress

For example, we asked him to suggest films to watch in their original version, and his choice was rather intelligent.

5- Improve Vocabulary And Provide Context On Word Usage

If you are unsure which term to use, you can ask the tool to help you choose the right one.

6- Studying A Language While Having Fun

Surprisingly, robots are also capable of some humor. They can therefore be used to study a language while having fun.

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