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Email Apps, Which Are The Best For Android

We present a roundup of the best email apps for Android devices: their main features and strengths. When you start an Android smartphone for the first time, it is very likely to find a pre-installed email client or an application for managing email. Very often, however, this application could be more suitable for managing professional and everyday users’ needs.

Gmail For Android

Our “roundup” cannot fail to start from the Gmail app for Android: unlike what many think, the Google application doesn’t only allow you to manage Gmail accounts. Still, it allows you to add multiple email accounts belonging to any manager.

By accessing the main menu of Gmail for Android, an email app like Google’s allows you to add additional accounts, including Microsoft (Outlook, Hotmail and Live), Exchange and Office 365 and Yahoo. By choosing Other, you can configure the email accounts of any provider. In particular, you can enter the parameters for accessing the incoming and outgoing mail servers by selecting Manual configuration.

For incoming mail, it is possible to configure both IMAP and POP3 servers (see Difference between POP3 and IMAP: what changes when receiving mail ), with or without the use of TLS encryption (although its use is strongly recommended today; do refer to the article Email: SSL, TLS and STARTTLS: Differences and why to use them ).

In the article How to use Gmail on Android with other mail accounts, we have deepened the use of Gmail with other email accounts also because as soon as you install or start the Gmail app on a device on which a Google account is already configured, The application will configure itself to access your mailbox.

Points In Favor Of Gmail For Android :

  1. The application manages all mail protocols and brilliantly supports the management and search within any email account, even those managed by third parties.
  2. The Undo function allows you to restore a message that has been deleted or moved by mistake. It is possible to unsend an email with a Gmail account for a few seconds.
  3. For Google accounts, Gmail’s spam filter is excellent.
  4. Offers the ability to set easily customizable rules for handling messages.

Blue Mail

Blue Mail for Android is an app that allows you to manage the email accounts of various providers, from the most famous ones to local (Italian) ones. Setting up an email account is very fast and takes just three taps. Blue Mail supports multiple email accounts, allows you to configure signatures and allows for the use of stylized text and images.

A dark background theme allows you to automatically switch from “day” to “night” mode to facilitate the reading of messages without particular visual efforts. This email client also allows you to mark emails for later handling and set up “reminders” so they don’t get lost in your inbox.

Points In Favor Of Blue Mail :

  1. An app that allows you to focus on meaningful conversations.
  2. The web interface is well thought out and very easy to use.
  3. An intelligent counter allows you to determine at a glance how many unread emails or just the number of new unread emails.
  4. A robust preview mechanism allows you to mark as read or delete emails without opening the application.

Aqua Mail

It is an application for Android devices explicitly created to manage multiple email accounts.

Like the other email clients we have presented, Aqua Mail also supports services such as Gmail, Hotmail,, Yahoo, Office 365, and Exchange, but also local email addresses offered by Italian and foreign providers.

Extremely easy to install and configure, Aqua Mail is highly customizable so that users can adapt its operation to their needs. In this regard, the email client also integrates numerous third-party add-ons capable of further extending its possibilities. Some advanced features can only be used after activating the Pro license, which costs $9.99; there is also no calendar integration.

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Pros Of Aqua Mail :

  1. Multiple emails can be selected by swiping down on the left side of the screen.
  2. Navigation is intuitive and very simple.
  3. You can assign colorful labels to organize your important emails in the blink of an eye.

Outlook For Android

The Microsoft Outlook app for Android is well done and currently has one serious flaw: it does not allow you to manage accounts via the POP3 protocol, not even using TLS encryption.

For the rest, it supports the configuration of multiple accounts and is highly customizable: the various swiping operations to the left or the right can be set, for example, to delete, archive, and move mail messages.

The strong point of Outlook for Android is undoubtedly the integrated search function that performs very well not only with Microsoft accounts but also with those of other providers (hence, the choice not to support the older POP3 protocol). To learn more about using Outlook for Android, we suggest you refer to our article Outlook for Android: everything you need to know to manage email and calendars.

Points In Favor Of Outlook For Android :

  1. – Integrated search functionality.
  2. – Swipe options to customize swiping behavior.
  3. – Ability to block remote images and pixels that signal to remote users that an email has been read.


To exchange encrypted emails from your Android device, you can use Tutanota, an open-source application that allows you to send encrypted emails directly to the recipient with a simple click. Unsent messages in encrypted form are kept on Tutanota’s cloud servers.

In this regard, however, it must be said that the content of the emails can never be read by the application developers or by other users. The private key to encrypt messages is stored locally on the users’ mobile devices.

Unfortunately, Tutanota cannot be used with existing email accounts (you can create an,,,, account, which provides 1 GB of space for accessible storage of your conversations). To start the application on the Android device where it is installed, Tutanota requires entering a password to unlock and access the app. Tutanota does not currently allow you to attach multiple files simultaneously: each must be selected and uploaded individually. Some features are paid, such as the ability to set aliases, rules and filters, and unlimited search.

Points In Favor Of Tutanota :

  1. It allows you to exchange encrypted emails (content, subject, attachments) with your interlocutors.
  2. The private key is generated and stored locally.
  3. When it is impossible to deliver the emails directly to the recipient, they are stored in encrypted form on the Tutanota servers.