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Nyaa Torrent Proxy Sites | Complete Guide To Unblock In 2024

Nyaa Torrent Proxy: In today’s world, everything works digitally. In this digital world, we can get anything from online websites like food, clothes, home items, gadgets, and much more. 

In these present days, everything is available on websites. In a similar zone, we have some websites for our unlimited entertainment without taking a single rupee. 

A part of it, Nyaa Torrent is a website that provides free anime cinematic live actions and more anime web series.,, and Nyaa unblock are the websites that provide the contents of manga books and kinds of music, etc. 

Though Nyaa Torrent websites are famous and used by many users, this kind of websites are blocked and restricted by ISPs due to malware issues. But for every blocking issue, there will be an alternative solution from website admins. Effectively they release the mirror websites with the same interface as the blocked website.

The Nyaa torrent proxy website has separate proxy links for different countries, and the main Nyaa torrent proxy URL was If these websites don’t work, you can use alternative proxy sites.

What If The Nyaa Torrent Proxy Website Is Blocked?

If the Nyaa torrent proxy were blocked and unable to be used, then you can prefer to access the Nyaa website content through their mirror sites like,, Nyaa unblocking, etc. 

These websites have the same content that the Nyaa website has on itself. If the problem was in the system accessing the Nyaa proxy website, then it is better to use the VPN services for a better experience.

Nyaa Torrent Proxy Mirror Website List In 2024

Here you can see some of the lists of Nyaa mirror sites/ proxies i.e

  • Nyaa
  • Nyaa unblock
  • Nyaaproxy
  • Nyaabypass
  • Pirateproxy
  • Nyaaproxybay
  • Nyaaukbay
  • Nyaa torrent
  • Yandex translate proxy

Alternative Ways Of Accessing Nyaa Torrent Proxy Sites 

If the Nyaa torrent proxy was not working in the system or Android, it might be an issue with the Internet Service Provider (ISP). In that case, you can use the Virtual Private Network VPN to access the Nyaa torrent proxy. The VPN is available for free, and some are affordable prices.

The VPN encrypts the data and hides the IP address of the proxy sites. Also, the VPN acts as a medium to send the data over their servers, so the network doesn’t even know about the identity of the proxy websites. It simply transfers the data like the ISPs can’t find the IP address of the websites you visit.

How Does The Nyaa Torrent Proxy Work?

  • Open the browser and search, select the proper URL and then proceed to open it. Before that, activate the VPN in your system or Android.
  • You will get an interface like the above image. In that, you can search the required anime series and continue to enjoy unlimited live actions.
  •  The Nyaa torrent proxy has plenty of series and live action to watch. If the proxy website is not working, use another mirror proxy site listed in our article.

The Interface Of The Nyaa Torrent Proxy:

  • The site interface of the Nyaa torrent proxy website was easy to understand and use. 
  • Firstly, you will see the category-wise series in that you can select the required content. 
  • You can even choose the series with their names. Also, with these ‘categories and names’ of the anime, the links are given on the Nyaa torrent proxy website.
  • Live-action series are available in different sizes within the proxy site, and you can even download them with the required Mb’s and have the best visual animations.
  • There is an availability of the uploading anime in the Nyaa torrent proxy website and the complete information of the uploads and downloads. You can search with filter options and category wise by login into the website (or) it can be used as a guest user.

Some Of The VPNs That Are Useful For Androids And PCs:

Here Are The 3 Top Suggested VPN Apps For Android

  • Pure VPN

The Pure VPN has all the features that require an android version, and it has app filtering, anti-virus, content blocking, and self ads blockers.

It has separate modes for online streaming, privacy, and sharing of anime content. Also, it has a friendly user interface that mainly works in Australia, the UK, and Indian regions.

  • Zoog VPN

This Zoog VPN helps in the same way for both free users and paid users. It has a torrent P2p VPN server even for free users also. 

It has Auto, TCP, and UDP modes. If one method fails to access the website, the other two methods will work to access the desired websites without being known by the ISP. It supports a large number of servers to give the best performance to users as per their ISPs.  

It is unidentified, and it provides unlimited bandwidth for paid users.

  • Nord VPN

It has Specific P2p torrent servers for downloading, and also it has ads blocker and malware protection.

The Nord VPN is best for even torrent websites in online streaming and even for downloading movie content. It is unidentified and pleasant for security as well as for downloading.

No.of multiple location servers so that the users can select the fastest nearby location servers to get better performance.

Here Are The 3 Top Suggested VPNs For PC

  • Hola Engine

It is the well known unblocking and proxy extension for chrome, and now additional VPN services are added to this. We have to use the hola app and its extension for the best performance for chrome.

Hola Engine is easy to understand and use with its good speed.

  • BreakwallVPN 

Breakwall VPN was the paid service, but it was the fastest VPN compared to all other VPN services. It provides a free trial with excellent service, and no one wants to miss a chance to avail of this service. 


Dot VPN is Free to use. It provides access to restricted websites and VoIP applications. This VPN has a very high-speed connection without interruptions. The best of the Dot VPN has wifi connection and hacker protection.

The feature is it has access to all websites, and Dot VPN has multiple internet surfing.

Best Alternatives Sites To Nyaa Torrent Website

There are some best alternatives for the Nyaa torrent proxy access here are listed below

  • LimeTorrent

The LimeTorrent was the complete package of movies, web series, music, anime, tv shows, and lots more. The plus point is it doesn’t need any registrations for this torrent. To avail of this by opening the website and getting the required content.

  • TOR Browser

It’s a block-free website from all ISPs, and you can access it just by downloading the TOR Browser.

The tor browser is available for android and windows and allows you to access any website, and only the tor browser has access to the onion site of Nyaa.

  • Torrent Galaxy

The Torrent Galaxy name itself tells that it has a galaxy range of content like movies, web series, anime, video games, and lots more. It has all the languages of other torrent files, and it will help you access all kinds of movies and anime-related content on the websites or can download from the required Mb sizes.

Is Nyaa Torrent Proxy Safe To Use?

The formal answer is Yes, but also you can use the best VPN servers for more security and safety from malware issues. Earlier, the Nyaa was the safe one to use, but later, the hackers used it as a path of trapping and hacking the attracting uncensored anime series and gaming content.

Later, the Nyaa torrent proxy was restricted by ICTs(Internet copyright trolls), ISPs, and many Governments.

So, the safety of the Nyaa torrent proxy was in the hands of the users and their selected VPNs.

Are Any Anime Torrents Similar To Nyaatorrents?

Yes, there are some pure animated content torrents like Nyaa torrent proxies are :

  • Anime Bytes
  • PantsuNyaa
  • Shana project
  • Anime sh
  • Anime tosho
  • Horrible Subs

Final Words

Nyaa torrent proxy was the best for animation lovers, but while using any online website, first remember to check the safety and security of the visiting websites and make the desired content secondary to streaming online or downloading.

Stay away from the low-rated and cheap qualified servers, and don’t get the risk of having trouble with hackers or malware practices.

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