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Compare The Best Online Backup Providers

Data security is becoming increasingly important. Suppose you don’t want to lose important documents, holiday photos from the last few years, or your laboriously created music collection in the event of a system crash. In that case, you can either create local backups or use valuable online services. Backing up data online has several advantages:

  1. You can access your data from anywhere worldwide, which is especially important for mobile devices.
  2. The service makes it easy for you to set up regular backups.
  3. Your files are safe in a professional data center, in most cases, protected from theft, fire, or other sources of danger.
  4. If you also have all your data in the cloud, you can be much more relaxed with ransomware: your data is safe in another place.

In recent years, providers of online backups have increasingly appeared on the scene. So that you know which of these providers is the right one for you, we will introduce you to several, point out the advantages and disadvantages of the offers, and compare the different providers.

IONOS Cloud Backup

With IONOS Cloud Backup, you can back up all your data with one provider – PC or server, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or cloud infrastructure. The various online backup measures can be easily set up thanks to preconfigured backup agents.

You decide when and how often the intermediate storage should be made and how long it should be stored on the IONOS servers. The incremental approach ensures that the online data backup service only backs up new or changed data since the last backup.

If necessary, you can compress your backups to optimize the available memory.The fact that IONOS is one of the best online backup providers is due in particular to the high-performance data centers, which are among the most secure in the world; of course, the data transmission to the backup server (SSL/TLS) and the backup data itself (256-bit AES) are encrypted. As a customer, you have maximum freedom regarding storage capacity: As an alternative to fixed offers with 50, 100, or 250 GB of storage, you can use the Flex tariff, where you only pay for the storage space required (per gigabyte) per month.

IONOS MyDefender

While the cloud backup from IONOS primarily aims at larger business customers, private users and SMEs will find a perfect solution with MyDefender . Above all, this offer emphasizes the uncomplicated setup and handling.

Everything is easily controlled via a web user interface and does not require any further attention from you once set up. From now on, online backups will be carried out automatically according to predefined guidelines.

IONOS gives you four packages to choose from: 10 GB, 100 GB, 200 GB, or 500 GB. Should you ever need more storage space, you can exceed these limits and only have to pay a small additional fee per gigabyte per month. Since each contract can be terminated monthly, you can easily switch to another tariff. The required software is available for Windows, macOS, and the two mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

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Windows users even benefit twice: In addition to a backup service, you get protection against ransomware. Windows files are checked for viruses during the upload. This is how you always keep your backup safe. Like other IONOS products, you also benefit from high-security standards with MyDefender. All data centers are ISO-certified and operate according to European data protection. In principle, all data is also encrypted with 256-bit AES.


When you choose Carbonite online backup, you don’t have to think about how much storage space you need beforehand. Instead, choose the different packages based on how many and which devices you want to back up. The offer starts with one computer and goes through several computers to complete servers.

Carbonite also offers even more extensive security for large customers. In addition, the service provider offers various extra packages: The backup of Microsoft 365 data is particularly interesting for SMEs. 

All data generated by one suite program is stored in the cloud. This is useful as a backup and allows you to work from various devices. Carbonite provides software for Mac and Windows so that online backups can be created automatically and automatically. The program automatically pays attention to newly created files within folders that have been added to the monitoring. There are also apps for iOS and Android that you can use to back up your data online.


Backblaze also doesn’t give its users any memory or file size limitations. The provider has software that either constantly monitors your computer and applies all changes directly or works according to a schedule you can determine.

All files in the system are automatically included, so you don’t have to decide what you want to back up in advance. You can also choose the upload speed or have it throttled automatically if you want to maintain your bandwidth for the online backup. Backblaze uses SSL and AES for encryption. Two-factor authentication is also built-in.

Two unique features characterize Backblaze: On the one hand, self-made memory modules exist. With the storage pods, the company creates its hardware. The blueprints for this are open source and are freely available to everyone on Backblaze’s blog. So, e.g., For example, Netflix has also started building its storage along the lines of Backblaze. On the other hand, Backblaze stands out from the crowd of cloud backup providers with the method of data recovery: Of course, you have the option to download your data again as usual, but Backblaze also offers you the data in the form of a 256 GB flash memory or an 8 TB hard drive.


Even if the name suggests it, IDrive has nothing to do with Apple or the BMW system. Anyone who opts for a backup plan from the US company can cover all devices with just one package. However, you have to select the required storage capacity in advance. In the private sector, you can choose between 5 and 10 TB. In an unlimited gratis version, each user already has 5 GB available.

The software provides IDrive for Windows, macOS, Linux (in the business segment), iOS, and Android. In addition – and this is truly unique – the company offers an offline storage option with IDrive Express: Large amounts of data can be stored on an external device that IDrive sends to users without putting a strain on the Internet connection. When you finish the backup, you send the device back, and the company adds the data to the backup in the online storage. This is particularly suitable for initial backups where the entire system has to be saved.


Acronis offers private customers backup software that can organize online data backup in the provider’s cloud in addition to local storage. Depending on your subscription, between 500 GB and 5 TB are available. With this, the company is pursuing a 3-2-1 backup: triple storage of all data on two different technologies, one of which should be off-site.

Acronis even has on-premises solutions for enterprise customers that, e.g., B., can be used with a hybrid disaster recovery service.

The software for home users (Acronis True Image) also includes active protection against ransomware. A built-in artificial intelligence monitors the system for suspicious activity and can warn you about ransomware. The software also allows you to convert a complete backup into a virtual drive and thus create a test environment in which you can, e.g., B. can try out new software. Acronis also comes with end-to-end encryption and, in the premium version, offers electronic signatures and its blockchain to authenticate the data.


The provider SugarSync goes beyond a standard online backup service: Apart from online data backup, the service helps you to synchronize files on all your devices with each other. You select specific folders or have all folders monitored and backed up online. Any change you make locally is also made in the cloud. 

Individuals with only one user can choose between 100 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB. Business customers can also register multiple users. As with most providers, all data is stored in the cloud with 256-bit AES and transmitted only via TLS.

Cloud Backup: Comparison Of The Providers

Each of the best online backup providers has its pros and cons. To give you an overview, we have summarized the essential information.