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Snapchat And Amazon Together For E-Commerce In Augmented Reality

Snapchat and Amazon pioneer the “virtual try-on”: virtual dressing rooms that, with augmented reality, offer customers a very realistic shopping experience.

With the boom in e-commerce during the pandemic, the seemingly impossible problem arose of the impossibility of touching purchasable products by hand, which will probably repeat itself with the arrival of the Metaverse. While awaiting the launch of the digital worlds of Meta and other big names, Snapchat and Amazon are launching the first e-commerce project in augmented reality, the last frontier of digital marketing

In a true-to-life virtual world, you will need to buy clothing and accessories, and augmented reality is handy here. This is how the virtual try-on was born: virtual dressing rooms that offer customers an experience very close to the real one. For now, the beta version only includes the possibility of trying on sunglasses and eyeglasses from the Amazon Fashion catalog using the smartphone camera via the Snapchat app . But it’s only the first step towards trying on clothes and other gadgets through augmented reality.

The Augmented Reality ECommerce Of Amazon And Snapchat

The technology is the same as the filters on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Like the effects that faithfully overlap the images projected by the camera, we will have the new RayBan sunglasses instead of flowers and lipsticks. Go to Snapchat, choose your favorite model, and try it out, thanks to augmented reality software. If it convinces you, it will be possible to buy it by clicking on the link that will take you back to the purchase page on Amazon.

Unlike the filters on TikTok, often user-generated, the one for the virtual try-on will be faithful to reality, enabling a real test experience. Snap creation technology called Lens Web Builder allows you to create digital filters using natural objects as a basis in a 3D experience.

In addition to the product, you can view product prices and any promotions, which will change in real-time if initiatives are in progress, such as the upcoming Amazon Black Friday (news link) on November 25th.

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Virtual Try-On, Metaverse Test Booth

For Snapchat, there are other rodeos. For some time now, the app has been offering subscribers the opportunity to “try on” accessories through the camera, thanks to the AR Shopping Lenses, the category of filters dedicated to fashion, in collaboration with brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Ulta Beauty, American Eagle, Puma, Chanel, Walmart, and others.

Filters on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are a prelude to future virtual life: from entertainment tools, they are veering toward marketing.

The partnership with Amazon will only consolidate the idea of ​​virtual dressing rooms, ever more faithful to reality and valuable for the progress of online shopping. About 250 million users used Snapchat lenses in 2021, although it is unknown how many went on to buy them. This says a lot about the need for companies to invent increasingly new and connected ways to keep up with the news in the digital field.