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Buy Microsoft Windows Server: Reputable Resellers

How to buy Windows Server licenses, CALs and SQL Server at a discount. Use them in the company to renew the fleet of machines, extend the network infrastructure and use them in the cloud.

Both Windows servers and Linux machines can be used in the company. The underlying problem is finding reputable resellers of Windows Server licenses, CALs, and other Microsoft software like SQL Server.

Microsoft Windows Server resellers can be found online: the leading e-commerce platforms have many sellers who make product key codes available to applicants to activate the most used software in the business environment.

The fact is that the Product Key is one thing; the “license” is another: by purchasing from reliable Microsoft Windows Server suppliers, you are sure of being able to use regularly acquired licenses, licenses that have no expiration date and that can be used without limitations.

Which business, large or small, doesn’t have an Active Directory domain controller? Who doesn’t also or exclusively use Windows Server to deliver on-premise or cloud services?

In times of spending review, it is essential to count on more affordable prices to purchase Microsoft Windows Server (Standard, Essentials, Datacenter) with the certainty of having no problems managing licenses.

For example, Mr Key Shop is a reseller of Microsoft licenses and the leading computer security software that allows you to buy Windows Server at a discounted price. The licenses are 100% original and genuine: Mr Key Shop has been in business for over 18 years and relies on specialized partners who deal with the recovery of licenses from decommissioned machines (sentence of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 2012, C-128/2011) to then place them on the market at particularly advantageous prices.

Mr Key Shop knows the “history” of each license it sells and can make Product Keys available to customers that would otherwise have remained unused. By not marketing licenses sold by Microsoft as “volume”, end users can use them without any problems. 

This is why the charges purchased on Mr Key Shop are “for life” or can be used without restrictions: Microsoft’s operating system will be updated and supported for the entire duration of its life cycle. Below we see how to purchase Windows Server and other types of licenses useful in the company; in another article, we have presented the best deals in 2022 from reputable resellers for Windows and Office.

Buying Windows Server: Differences Between Editions

Over the years, Microsoft has released several versions of Windows Server that are marketed in various editions:

  1. Windows Server Essentials. It is the most affordable and “basic” edition of Windows Server. Intended primarily for small and medium-sized businesses, it allows you to manage up to 25 users and 50 devices. However, it also allows you to set up hybrid configurations with the possibility of extending the local infrastructure to the cloud. It does not require CALs (see below), prevents intrusions using Windows Defender Exploit Guard technology and allows you to limit administrator privileges.
  2. Windows Server Standard. It is the edition of Windows Server that has always been the point of reference for the majority of companies. The maximum number of users supported varies depending on the CALs purchased. Otherwise, Windows Server Standard supports all major roles except the network controller.
  3. Windows Server Datacenter. This is the operating system edition designed for companies that are more active in providing services to end customers. Also, based on the CAL licensing mechanism, Windows Server Datacenter was created to best support virtualization with Hyper-V and isolated containers.

For example, to buy a Windows Server license on Mr Key Shop, visit the Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016 pages and choose the edition of your interest between Standard, Essentials and Datacenter. Suppose it’s easy to download Windows 10 ISO (it’s even easier to download the Windows 11 ISO image ), to help IT professionals and administrators. In that case, Mr Key Shop provides the official download link of the ISO file of any version of Windows Server.

Windows Server Cal Licenses: What They Are And How They Work

Starting from Windows Server 2016, limited to the Standard and Datacenter editions of the operating system, Microsoft has introduced a new licensing model based on the number of cores and not on the processors present on the machine.

Apart from this aspect, however, to use the services made available by Windows Server Standard and Datacenter, one needs to use CALs ( Client Access Licenses ).

Alongside the license for installing Windows Server, you need to equip yourself with Windows Server Cal licenses that authorize clients connected to the network to connect. Windows Server USER Cal licenses allow a single user to access Windows Server from an unlimited number of devices; Windows Server DEVICE Cal licenses are also provided, enabling a total number of users to access Windows Server using the same device (“device”).

You can opt for one or the other type of CAL license (or both), depending on the structure of your company. For example, if many users need to connect to Windows Server remotely from different devices, it is better to equip yourself with USER licenses; if, on the other hand, the apparatus, for example, the local infrastructure, is always the same but the users who use them change, you can opt for DEVICE licenses. On Mr Key Shop, you can find Windows Server Cal 2022, Windows Server Cal 2019 and Windows Server Cal 2016 licenses at a reduced price.

Purchase Windows Server RDS CAL

Those who work with Windows Server know it is necessary to connect frequently with each machine via Remote Desktop. Windows Server RDS CAL licenses give users and devices the right to access servers via a remote connection using the RDP protocol: RDS is an acronym for Remote Desktop Services Client Access License and is generally a mode called Terminal Server.

Mr Key Shop allows you to purchase Windows Server RDS CAL at discounted prices compared to Microsoft’s price list.

Windows Server RDS USER CAL licenses allow remote connection via Remote Desktop for single users, while Windows Server RDS DEVICE CAL for specific devices regardless of the users who share the use. Purchase Microsoft SQL Server on promotion Alongside Windows Server operating systems and CALs to allow users and devices to connect, there is a third product that companies often look to. A special license is required to manage relational databases (RDBMS) with SQL Server.

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an integrated environment for managing any on-premises SQL infrastructure: you can use it to access any SQL Server component, including databases on Azure, managed instances, installations in Azure virtual machines and Azure Synapse Analytics. While SSMS is free to download, you can once again turn to Mr Key Shop to purchase perfectly valid licenses of Microsoft SQL Server 2019, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

What You Receive By Purchasing Windows Server, CAL, And SQL Server Licenses On Mr Key Shop

Software licenses for professional use can be purchased on Mr Key Shop through the secure payment methods available; the requested product is sent via email in a few seconds, and specialized assistance is free and in Italian. Mr Key Shop sends an invoice that can be used for tax purposes and all the information for downloading the software and installing the product.

Licenses are managed digitally with an eco-friendly approach that avoids sending paper media, DVDs, USB sticks, etc. Finally, Mr Key Shop ensures the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee with the return of the amount paid in the event of an incorrect purchase or if something does not work as expected.

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