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APSBCL Retailer Login: Step By Step Login At Apsbcl.ap.gov.in

APSBCL Retailer Login: The AP Government promised to outlaw alcohol entirely in the state by 2024, and if that failed, it would not go to a popular vote for support. During the first year of its rule, the government cut stores by 20% as part of this approach. 

In order to accomplish this, the government assumed control of every retail location, with the management of the locations falling under the purview of Andhra Pradesh State Beverages Corporation Limited (APSBCL). By the end of the fifth year, bars and retail stores are to be eliminated, according to the plan.

Because members can conduct transactions and other significant activities via the portal itself, the APSBCL Retailer Login is crucial. The username and password(login credentials) to the portal are only sent to those whose tender application has been approved.

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What Is APSBCL Retailer Login?

In two stages, the Andhra Pradesh government shuts the tender process for all applicants.

  • Technical Bid
  • Financial Bid

After applicants receive their passwords for the APSBCL login, they can examine the posted bids and wait for the results. All pertinent information is available to registered members, including but not limited to:

  • Retailer Login
  • Retailer ID Login
  • Depot Login
  • AP Excise Login
  • Sale Download

Once you have logged into the APSBCL Retailer site, you will have access to additional details such as:

  • Depot Name
  • Remittance Name
  • Status
  • Bank Reference Number
  • Department Transaction Number
  • Sale Date
  • Amount
  • Valid Through

Guide To Follow For APSBCL Retailer Login At Retail.apsbcl.ap.gov.in

  • You can view for “retail.apsbcl.ap.gov.in” or “apsbcl retailer login.”
  • Go to https://retail.apsbcl.ap.gov.in/Retailer/Views/Login.aspx and click on it.
  • Put in your login credentials and password. 
  • After clicking Sign In, enjoy your surfing.

Detail Info To Download APSBCL App

  • The Google Play Store offers the APSBCL Android mobile app. 
  • Users should go to the Google Play store and use the Search tab to enter APSBCL.
  • You must download and open the app as soon as it appears on your home screen. 
  • This smartphone application was created by the AP state government to sell liquor(alcohol).

How To Register On The APSBCL Retailer Portal?

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  • If the license is approved by Andhra Pradesh State Beverage Corporation Limited, retailers, or applicants, may create logins.
  • After being approved, shops who want to take part in the APSBCL auction must complete an online registration process.
  • In accordance with the timetable, the business will compile an auction list, which it will thereafter publish online.
  • Every bid includes the liquor store’s license number and the precise year it will be valid.
  • APSBCL main responsibility is to oversee the department, depot, and retailer’s online management processes in a secure environment.
  • It’s interesting to note that the AP State Government only verifies bidders online.
  • The bid is subsequently sealed by the government in two formats: a financial and a technical one. 
  • It is necessary for the store to submit individual applications on www.ap.gov.in for both.

Follow The Guidelines To Get Login 

  • APSBCL Indent Login 
  • APSBCL Challan 
  • APSBCL Depot Login 

APSBCL Indent Login 

  • Go to official site https://www.excisehpfs.ap.gov.in/ap/index.php/site/login
  •  to access the Apsbcl indent Login page. 
  • Put in your “Login Credentials(username and Password)”.
  • Put the verification code in. 
  • Press the “Sign in” icon.


  • Go to the official portal website for Apsbcl challan -> “Click here”
  • Put all the required details. 
  • Now Tap on the “Print” icon. 
  • And Finally Print the Challan.

APSBCL Depot Login 

Important Features And Advantages Of APSBCL Retailer Login


  • Online Payments and Sales Reporting
  • Information obtained
  • Depot Management
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Online Payments and Sales Reporting: Enabling shops to report sales effectively and facilitating online payments for a range of services are two of the main purposes of the APSBCL Retailer Login site. This guarantees payment transaction correctness and does away with the necessity for manual procedures.
  • Information obtained: Users can obtain a plethora of information, such as bank reference numbers, CFMS IDs, depot details, and sale dates, and much more by logging in to the store. Retailers are able to make well-informed decisions and openness is improved by this real-time data availability.
  • Depot Management: Retailers may manage inventory, monitor sales trends, and remain up to current on stock levels using the portal’s comprehensive perspective of depot management.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The APSBCL Retailer Login site has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier for merchants to navigate and locate the info and services they require fast.

How To Reset Password For APSBCL Retailer Login?

  • The APSBCL provides a password recovery method in case you forget your password:
  • On the login screen, Tap on the “Forgot Password” icon.
  • Enter your mobile number and user ID; these are necessary for the password reset procedure.
  • To reset your password and get back into your account, follow the onscreen directions.

Wrapping Up

The APSBCL Retailer Login portal changes the way retailers interact with APSBCL’s services. With user-friendly interfaces, real-time information processing and an efficient online payment process, the portal streamlines operations and provides transparency. 

Retailers can now rapidly manage their operations, and ensure the whole process is efficient and effective. By following the steps outlined in this guide, Retailers can effortlessly access the APSBCL Retailers Portal and unlock a world of advanced management and service opportunities.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the portal for APSBCL Logins? 


Q2. How to login through APSBCL Retailer Login? 

  • Visit the official Portal. 
  • Tap on the “user login” icon. 
  • Type your username and password. 
  • Confirm the “captcha” code 
  • and Finally Tap on the “sign-in” button. 

Q3. How to retrieve apsbcl forgot password? 

  • Tap on the “forgot password” option. 
  • Later Give your “user ID”. 
  • Give your “registered cell number” . 
  • Finally on the “submit” icon. 
  • Now Give your details and click on the get “one-time password (OTP)” icon.
  • Later Type the “one-time password (OTP)” in the OTP box. And Fill your “New password” 
  • And “confirm” the latest password.