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What Are Intelligent Detection Systems?

It is often underestimated or not considered, but the digitization process has laid bare who we are, what we do, and what we think. Today, thanks to Intelligent Detection Systems, all this information is just a click away.

What Are Intelligent Detection Systems? 

Today, in the Western world, the collection and analysis of data are of primary importance. Now all sectors of daily life are characterized by data collection systems. Thus, through the evolution of scientific research, digitization, and the introduction of sophisticated computer techniques, today it is possible to measure anything, even the most unthinkable, among these:

  1. What are the elements of our body from a biological point of view?
  2. How we organize our thoughts and how the brain works from a Cognitive point of view.
  3. From a social point of view, we relate to others and how we interact with the social context.

This opens up several reflection points. For example, how will data collection and analysis techniques change? And can we use the information on current or potential customers to develop the company’s goods and services? 

What Are Intelligent Detection Systems?

Thanks to the pervasiveness and evolution of digital technologies, as mentioned, today it is possible to conduct more articulated market research, distinguished precisely by innovative tools such as increasingly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Systems and machine learning.

The Intelligent Detection Systems born in the medical field to intercept and interpret the so-called weak signals today mainly concern the study of human behavior and consumption dynamics. Therefore they make it possible to acquire vast amounts of data, an actual practice for successful marketing strategies. However, although Intelligent Detection Systems can indirectly capture vital information and parameters on the consumer, from a managerial point of view, it is necessary to understand which data are instrumental in a strategic and marketing key.

Intelligent Detection Systems: How They Work

Specifically, the Intelligent Detection Systems, through devices and tools that reconstruct the personal sensory experience, detect information regarding the state of health, habits, interests, style, opinions, and consumer purchases. Therefore, the analysis is made starting from the five senses:

  1. Sight: with eye systems that analyze images and videos, shapes and colors that attract the most attention.
  2. Touch: with touch devices that rely on touch analysis.
  3. Hearing: with equipment that records and decodes audio signals.
  4. Taste: through tools that solve the sensations and taste perceptions.
  5. Smell: with systems that analyze perfumes and smells.

What Are Intelligent Detection Systems Used For?

Intelligent Detection Systems are increasingly used for understanding the dynamics of consumption. This has accelerated the evolution process of the offer by companies. Furthermore, the possibility of crossing different types of information:

  1. Organic
  2. Cognitive
  3. behavioral

The same person, in its various meanings, provides a very detailed vision of the needs and attitudes of consumers towards a product or a company. It is no coincidence that even today, great attention is paid to the data that qualify the “what” a company offers to the market. In comparison, little attention is paid to “how” a company manages the system of interactions with the consumer. This says a lot about how fundamental it is for the market in general and for a company to respond to the needs of the individual in the perspective of satisfying their expectations through a branded offer, a quality product.

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Why Are Intelligent Detection Systems Essential Today, And Can We No Longer Do Without Them?

Intelligent Biometric Data Detection Systems are essential in defining marketing and communication strategies. This is because they can spontaneously collect behaviors, perceptions, and evaluations from customers and online users that can hardly be detected with other search techniques.

Therefore, more than behavioral observation or verbal analysis, indirect survey tools are fundamental for having a complete vision of the reality that characterizes a specific reference market.

Business Intelligence Group And Intelligent Detection Systems

Business Intelligence Group, through sophisticated IT technologies, is active in offering services through Intelligent Detection Systems in various areas:

Big WebListening

Big WebListening is a service that consists of listening to the Web to analyze people’s behavior through the analysis of social network posts. This is useful for developing integrated research projects indispensable in building Digital Marketing strategies.

Big Answers

Big Answers is the study of Google searches to create successful campaigns. With this service, useful for those who make editorial content and communication projects, Business Intelligence Group detects the most frequently asked questions on the Web to understand the trends in online research.

Big Emotions

With Big Emotions, Big Intelligence Group offers the possibility to understand emotions and analyze people’s emotional responses. The system is based on identifying the reference points on the person’s face. Subsequently, these are coded to recognize the primary emotions aroused by the visual stimulus. This service is beneficial to amaze your customers with ADV campaigns and new communication concepts.