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There Is A New Function To Make The Summary Of 2022 On Reels

Recap 2022; it was created in collaboration with famous content creators and allowed you to re-share videos and souvenir photos. Launching the new feature for Reels Instagram retraces the year’s trends.

Recap 2022 arrives on Instagram, a series of models that can be used to re-share photos and videos of the most significant moments of the year in the reels and be able to relive them in the company of friends and followers.

What Is It And How To Use It On Instagram Recap 2022

The peculiarity of the new festive models, compared to the many already present on Reels and much loved by Instagrammers, is that they have been developed with the collaboration of  Stranger Things. The platform asked the three content creators to give a voice to 2022: they did so by publishing a very personal summary of the year and inviting their fans and communities to 

do the same.

Anyone who wants to use Recap 2022 on Instagram can now visit the profile of one of them or any other user who has already published their summary of the year on Reels and, after viewing it, try the model on their own. Alternatively, you can directly choose the Recap model among those proposed for creating the reels.

In a second step, you will be guided in choosing between the voiceover in English and Spanish and, therefore, in selecting the most significant photos and videos, including unpublished ones, of 2022 and possibly modifying them before publication.

What Happened In 2022 On Reels? Instagram Pans The Most Popular Themes, Hashtags, Characters

The unveiling of the new feature was the perfect opportunity for the platform to offer an overview of this year’s most popular themes, songs, hashtags, and locations on Reels. A year that served, above all, to confirm the success of the reels. The format of short videos would seem to be, to date, the most loved and with which people experiment the most when it comes to telling stories and telling themselves in a fun and original way: so much so that according to the official 

data of the reel platform it would be dedicated today about one-fifth of time spent on Instagram.

The trendiest topics on Reels in 2022 among Italians were food, fashion and beauty, and sport and wellness. Among the reels dedicated to food, those with detailed descriptions of the recipes were very popular, but also those in which curiosities about ingredients, restaurants, or culinary experiences were told.

Above all, the most used hashtags on Reels show how Instagram short videos have been used this year to discuss various topics, including many current issues. The most used hashtags ever were #ethereum, # bitcoin, # nft, and #metaverse. In the context of recent events, the Italians who have used Reels have mainly discussed #iran, #ukraine, #royal family, and #elections (accomplice in the last case an electoral campaign, the one for the 2022 policies, which turned out to be the electoral campaign most social ever ).

Again, on quite a few occasions, Italians made second screens on Reels, i.e., they commented on television programs and eagerly awaited appointments with festivals, awards, and sporting events. This is confirmed by hashtags such as #violacomeilmare, #soniabruganelli, #francesca chillemi, and #orietta berti which are in the ranking of the most used this year on Reels.

Sport has been the protagonist of Instagram’s short and vertical format videos in at least one other declination: that of workout videos or videos dedicated to healthy recipes, as confirmed by the volumes of use of hashtags such as #gym routine, #gymrat, #gymfreak.

In all likelihood, among the moments that Italians will most want to remember in the Instagram Recap 2022, travel has also been the protagonist of the reels in recent months: the proof is that among the most popular hashtags, there are those traditionally linked to holidays such as # sea, #summer, #travel. 

The numerous times in which hashtags such as #italy or #madeinItaly have been used on Reels confirm that when it was possible to start traveling again, many people chose Italian destinations. Among the most tagged cities, there are, in particular, Milan, Rome, Naples, and Turin.

As for the music, so fundamental in Reels’ grammar, the Italians’ most used songs this year were “Tick Tick Boom” by Sage The Gemini feat. By Two3, “As it Was” by Harry Styles, and “La dolce vita” by Fedez, Tananai, and Mara Sattei. However, among the most loved and used hits on reels by the very young of generation z are “SNAP” by Rosa Linn, “The Nights” by Avicii, and “I’m Good (Blue)” by David Guetta and Bebe Rexha.

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