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The Best Tripods And Projector Mounts

I bought a video projector to set up a mini-cinema in the living room or the garden or to show my graphics and projects in the office: but now, where do I put it? The question is not trivial because those who buy a device of this type often do not mainly take into consideration the fact that to use it, they will have to position it at a certain distance from the wall or the hanging cloth or on a tripod, which varies according to not only the resolution offered.

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From the projector and, therefore, from the yield it can offer and the size of the projection itself. Almost all video projector models are now able to correct the perspective distortion. 

They, therefore, can also be positioned laterally, but not all living rooms or gardens are the same. The coffee table in front of the seats is not always the most practical choice, especially when you want to create a stable location so that you can turn it on and start using it immediately without wasting time with cables and cables. With the following list, we propose some of the best solutions currently on the market that allow you to position any projector in the best possible way, either through a tripod, therefore on the ground, or to hang it on the wall or directly from the ceiling, with visible solutions or concealed variants. Thanks to the aid of a trap door.

Tripod System

The most versatile and least invasive option allows you to place the projector on the ground using a tripod. A standard tripod, the kind used for photography, might be okay, especially if the projector you intend to use has the universal 1/4 ″ screw mount on the bottom. But if you are not fond of photography and therefore do not already have a tripod or if the projector cannot be securely attached, then it is worth buying a tripod explicitly designed for this purpose.

The solutions that we suggest in this context all have a shelf on which it will be possible to place the video projector and can be used both to create a fixed location and, above all, if you intend to use the projector from multiple angles of the room easily or if the intent is to be able to take it with you to school or the office and quickly set up a workstation in the environment in which you are.

A first solution,  a Neewer Tripod Stand for Aluminum Projector for sale at about 52 euros, is made with an aluminum structure and the height on which the pedestal can be adjusted is between 46 and 121 centimeters, using a screw attachment of 3/8 ″. The base has a non-slip surface of 24 x 34 cm to increase the stability of the projector.

Alternatively, there is the BESPECO LPS100 support on sale at 49 euros, whose height can be adjusted between 77 and 121 centimeters and, in addition to the shelf for the projector, measuring 40 x 30 centimeters, it has a second shelf of 25 x 20 centimeters where a remote control or a second peripheral, such as a DVD player, can be placed. 

Wall Fixing System

For those who intend to create a fixed station, one of the possible solutions is to buy support with wall fixing like the one we suggest, currently on sale at around 52 euros. It is an “L” bracket with a modern and elegant design.

The projector is fixed through the thread on the bottom, so it can only be used with projectors equipped with this hooking system (almost all have it, but before buying it, we advise you to check it). The distance from the wall is fixed, while the orientation can be adjusted through the knob with which the screw is tightened under the projector.

The System With Ceiling Fixing

Alternatively, the projector can be fixed directly to the ceiling. Among the cheapest but still reasonable solutions is the olisicht bracket on sale at 11.90 euros which can support video projectors with a maximum weight of 3 kilograms.

The coupling system relies on the standard 6 mm thread, and the length of the rod, made of aluminum, is fixed at 21 cm. However, it uses a ball head that allows you to adjust the inclination and direction of the projector at three hundred and sixty degrees. The fixing to the ceiling is done through the use of three plugs (included in the package).

A System With Ceiling Fixing Using A Retractable Hatch

This last option combines the best of both worlds, that of home video projection which is not at all invasive, but it’s installation requires a minimum of manual work or renovation of the room in which it is installed. It is fixed to the ceiling, and thanks to an accordion structure, it can be hidden for as long as it is not used under a trap door.

It is, therefore, necessary to have a plasterboard false ceiling, which must be drilled to the size of the hatch (48 x 48 cm) at the point where the projector is to be positioned. The opening and closing are motorized and remotely controllable with the remote control. The structure is made of sturdy metal and can support video projectors for a maximum load of 20 kilograms. The price is much higher than the other proposals: 352 euros.