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Repair PDF – Recover Corrupted Files!

Want to open a document, but it seems corrupt? You can find out how to repair your PDF in this article. Whether in the professional or private area, if PDF documents cannot be opened, they cannot be enjoyable.

But in many cases, you can repair the PDF and use it again. Online tools are available for this, as well as computer programs. Here are a few methods and software programs to get your PDF files working again.

Six Tips On How To Repair Your PDF

If you cannot open a PDF file, there can be many reasons. On the one hand, the file may be corrupt or broken, and you may need to repair the PDF. On the other hand, there can also be external reasons for a problem. Here are a few tips on how to find out easily:

Tip 1: Resend The File

Try to send the file again or get the file sent to you again. Very often, errors occur in the file when sending the document.

Tip 2: Update For Adobe Acrobat

It is elementary to let updates for programs wait a little longer. If you last updated your Adobe Acrobat Reader a while ago, you should do so. You can often open the file afterward without any problems.

Tip 3: Repair For Adobe Acrobat

Possible errors in the program can be easily eliminated. The program itself may need repairing. To do this, open the program and go to Help > Repair Adobe Reader Installation.

Tip 4: Repair PDF – Use An Alternative Program

In addition to Acrobat Reader, you can also use other software to open and edit PDFs. There are also online ways to repair your PDF.

Tip 5: Repair PDF – Use A Data Recovery Program

Many programs that are designed to rescue data can also repair damaged PDFs. Some of these programs are also free. We present a few popular and proven programs below.

Tip 6: Repair PDF – Recover Corrupted PDF Files From The Previous Version

If you can’t open a PDF, it can help to restore the file from a previous version. Right-click on the PDF file. Then select “Properties” and then “Previous Version.” If the correct file is there, you can recover it this way.

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Repair PDF Online – No Program Needed

If the tips above didn’t help you, you probably need to repair the file. Improving a PDF online is easier than you think. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the website pdf-online.com.
  2. Select your damaged or defective file.
  3. Now you have the option to review the document or have it repaired. Select the appropriate function and then click on “Execute.”
  4. You can save your file on your PC with “Save As.”

Please note: You do not need a program for this method. The document will be watermarked from the side when you get your file repaired.

Besides the pdf-online site, you can upload and repair the file at ilovepdf.com or pdf2go.com.

Repairing Corrupt PDFs Is Made Easy With These Free Tools

Some PDFs are so severely damaged that a few simple tips and tricks and the free online version can’t quickly fix them. Special programs designed for these repairs or data recovery can save your document. You can repair broken PDFs with the following free programs:

PDF Fixer

The PDF Fixer analyzes defective PDFs, and you can also repair the file afterward. The program works. You drag and drop your file into the program and choose a destination to save it for later. After that, the program will start analyzing, and in most cases, it can repair corrupted PDFs.

However, when there is a problem in restoring, the document is mainly lost. In some cases, you can also tell by the fact that the file is only a few kilobytes in size. Then you know that your file is corrupt.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

The free program is used to repair PDFs and is a comprehensive data recovery tool. Almost all files can be recovered with it, and users are delighted with the results of the Data Recovery Wizard. Besides repairing PDFs, the program can also recover deleted files and partitions.

You also have precise insight into scan results and can locate files precisely. You can upgrade to a Pro version if you want to use something other than the program to repair broken PDFs. You can buy these for just under 67 EUR.

Our Conclusion

You don’t necessarily need expensive software to repair your PDF. You can use free online tools or special free programs. Then leave us a comment.