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Infographic: YouTube, 2nd Search Engine…

Video Search Engine

A true phenomenon: video, especially YouTube, is experiencing a meteoric rise, offering exciting opportunities to advertisers. With its insane traffic volume and multiple advertising formats, YouTube positions itself as a vector of branding and acquisition. This is why today we decided to present the YouTube universe to you in figures. Journey to the YouTube planet…


YouTube, A Popular Worldwide Success

Created in 2005, YouTube has enjoyed dazzling success, establishing itself as the second-largest search engine in less than a decade. Acquired by Google in 2006, after its first million views, the video platform is now present in 75 countries and 61 languages. The 3rd

the most visited site in the world, YouTube has more than a billion visitors. In India, the giant has some 31 million unique visitors each month, the equivalent of 61% of videos viewed online. In one year, the platform has considerably increased its listening time since it jumped by 61%. 

With its unsurpassed metrics, YouTube offers advertisers an extraordinary audience and viewing time. Every month, in France, some 1.4 billion videos are watched on YouTube, or nearly 100 million hours of attention to be captured! With an average viewing time of 12 min 50 per person and 48% of views made on mobile or tablet, YouTube is the undisputed champion of video and mobility…

YouTube, A Lever Of Interest For Advertisers

The combination of mobility and video offered by YouTube has created an exciting playing field for advertisers. Between influential YouTubers and Google’s advertising force, the platform is attracting more and more brands. Today, more than a million channels participate in the YouTube program, a 40% increase in advertisers over the last year. On the sidelines, the budget devoted to video advertising on YouTube increased by 60%.

Super-success can be explained by the trendy aspect of the video but also by the performance offered by YouTube. With a campaign viewing rate greater than 70% and additional exposure to TV campaigns at lower costs, the platform scores points. Another strong point is its targeting capacity. Managed via the Google Adwords network, YouTube campaigns benefit from attractive targeting options. Thus, in addition to the usual segments, it is possible to target by:

  1. content typology
  2. hobbies
  3. >purchase intentions

YouTube Advertising, Formats For All Objectives 

Long confined to branding, YouTube now offers a multitude of formats to showcase your brand. If TrueView allows you to reach 100% of the audience for free for 5 seconds, other forms are also of interest.

For your YouTube campaigns, JVWEB recommends in particular:

  1. TrueView ads, available in Instream or Indisplay, focus more on consideration and generating engagement.
  2. Skippable or non-skippable video ads: they allow you to quickly promote your brand while offering strong content focused on emotion and authenticity. Free for the first 5 seconds, these ads are then billed by CPM.
  3. Overlay ads are better suited to retargeting, mainly based on interests or purchasing intentions. Here, it’s about leveraging affinities to create engagement.
  4. Sponsored sheets are also an exciting format for showcasing products, explaining their uses, and putting them in context.
  5. The Masthead format: available in Video, Rich Media or Mobile; this format offers maximum visibility within the page. By reservation, this format is billed by the day.

Our Advice

In an SEO / Natural referencing framework: Use your video player to integrate YouTube content on your site! Your goal is to generate a 40% increase in traffic from the organic search network and then keep this traffic on your site to convert ;-). A dedicated player also allows you to include a well-personalized CTA, which will be very effective! In summary, the figures to remember:

  1. Youtube is now present in 75 countries and translated into 61 languages.
  2. In India, the giant has more than 31 million visitors per month
  3. 1.4 billion videos are watched in France each month
  4. 48% of views come from tablets and smartphones
  5. The equivalent of 46,000 years of videos are viewed every day in the world
  6. 6 billion hours of video watched on YouTube each month
  7. The average length of a YouTube video is 90 seconds
  8. 95% of advertisers using this format have broadcast campaigns with several services
  9. In India, 51% of people say they watch less TV for the benefit of YouTube
  10. 47% of people use YouTube on their smartphone for speed
  11. 22% of Internet users go to YouTube to find new products to buy
  12. ½ India now watches YouTube every day
  13. 25-49s represent theirs today only half of the time spent on YouTube in India
  14. 1/4 of users aged 25 and 34 wake up and go to bed with YouTube.

Youtube Turnover

In 2020, Alphabet revealed the revenue generated by YouTube ads. In 2019, YouTube generated just over 15 billion dollars, including 5 billion in the 4th quarter (i.e. a third of the turnover).

Youtube Turnover Details

YouTube’s growth in turnover is, therefore, +40%, but the results announced lack precision:

  1. There is no differentiation between YouTube Music, YouTube Ads, and YouTube Premium…
  2. To illustrate, it is estimated that there are 20 million users of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium services.