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Increasing Twitter Followers At The Rate Of 100 Per Month

How To Increase Followers Safely

There is a surefire way to increase Twitter followers. You don’t need to use tricks, nor do you need to waste hours with social media marketing tricks. You have to use our safe method, which has been tested on dozens of profiles with excellent results. The secret to gaining (at least) 100 new authentic Twitter followers monthly is to be systematic. 

In other words, follow the procedure we propose in this article and update your profile with 1 content per day. Incredible? Far from it: read on, and you will discover why we are so convinced of our reasons… The first point to increase Twitter followers by 100 monthly is to follow other profiles. In choosing the user, we focus on 3 aspects: interests, the relationship between followers and following, and the date of the last tweet. Let’s see them in detail:


Each profile on Twitter usually reveals his interests in the bio or the tweets themselves. If we share them, or if they have to do with our business, we can get a follow back. Beware of famous profiles (multinationals, companies, actors, singers, stars): they have no reason to follow us.

Followers/Following Ratio

Some people (see famous profiles above) have no interest in following, only in being followed. Let’s avoid wasting time with them and focus on who reciprocates the follow: a clue in this sense is the ratio between the number of followers and the number of followings. The closer the ratio is to 1:1 (as many followers as there are followers), the greater the chances of having a future fan of ours in front of you.

Last Tweet Date

The date of the last tweet is an important element in understanding whether a profile is worth following. Our method does not follow people who no longer use their Twitter accounts but updated and “alive” profiles.

Create A Viral Reel

Want to create a viral reel? You don’t care about the target group. The main thing is that as many people as possible see it, and you get new followers. Posting multiple reels within a few days, making a single reel, and hoping one reel goes viral is usually a failure. You don’t have to do a 30-Day 30 Reels Challenge. But you should post 10-15 reels within 1-2 months to allow Instagram to discover your content.

Follow A Trend

Do you occasionally watch videos that you feel like you’ve seen before? Only from other people? Then it’s a trend. Such videos are played out with preference by Instagram and can achieve good coverage. The best part is that you hardly have to worry about it yourself. Just do what the others are doing, put the music on top (every trend has its soundtrack), and upload your video.

Use “Trending Audios”

Have you ever noticed that some soundtracks on Instagram feel like you’re always listening to them? These are so-called “trending audios” that Instagram plays particularly often. You can recognize them in the Reels section of the Instagram app by the small arrow that appears before the name of the audio file.

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