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E-commerce: The Era Of Cryptocurrencies And Metaverse Is Starting

More and more consumers are interested in the new possibilities of online shopping in the Metaverse. But what must e-commerce do to take advantage of these new trends? According to data collected by the BigCommerce report, half of the consumers are intrigued by the possibility of shopping in the Metaverse and feel ready to try this new experience.

However, the system to allow the adoption of these dynamics, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs is still only at the beginning. Still, a small percentage of users (2%) have already tried to make purchases in the Metaverse.

E-commerce And The Metaverse: What Consumers Are Saying

According to BigCommerce’s “Global Consumer Report: Current and Future Shopping Trends,” which collected the opinions of consumers in the USA, UK, Australia, Italy, and France, more than half of those interviewed (55%) shop online at least once a week, with the “fashion and clothing” category at the top of the list of preferences. 

But a particularly interesting and surprising figure concerns the opinion of consumers towards the Metaverse and the new cryptocurrencies: according to the report, almost half (46%) of consumers are willing to go shopping in the Metaverse, and of this, 51% are interested in purchasing virtual and physical goods. Regarding payment methods for online purchases, 5% of consumers said they already use cryptocurrencies, especially in the United States and Italy. As many as 66% of those who use them declare that they are the payment method they prefer.

The New Trends For Online Shopping

But these are not the only news concerning e-commerce and online purchases. As regards purchase incentives, for example, free shipping is still a very important lever for consumers. While we are witnessing a real boom in the Bnpy system, buy now, pay later, which allows you to make a purchase and repay the payment later.

According to surveyed consumers, this system helps them stay within their budget and shop more often than they could without this installment plan. As regards the Italian panorama, 32% of consumers would be more inclined to complete a purchase if the Bnpy were an option.

Regarding purchasing habits and frequency, the report reveals very interesting details: consumers shop online at least once a week, with the fashion and clothing category in the first place. The report also revealed that many consumers shop online several times a week: 55% of respondents said they shop online at least once a week, if not more. When it comes to the products consumers prefer to buy online, the report notes that fashion and apparel are the most popular categories (80%), with electronics in second place (56%) and entertainment third (55%). ).

Knowing these data is very important for those who work with e-commerce, as they are essential for offering users an experience that is always pleasant and in line with their expectations. The team is ready to support companies along this path: we offer tailor-made solutions according to needs, with attention to the smallest details, easy to keep up-to-date with the addition of new products and services, and safe to comply with safety standards.

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