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Current Sectors Of Work & Skills Required

The Most Current Sectors Of Work

Thanks to a degree in PC designing, the jobs it is feasible to fill are numerous and can change as per the various sorts of PC designing fields one picks. By and large, fundamental sorts of PC designing that you can pick are:

  1. Software Engineering: The job of a software engineer requires software development along with maintenance and updating;
  2. Hardware Engineering: You can become a computer hardware engineer with primary responsibility for designing and building new computer and hardware technologies;
  3. Electrical Engineering: You can also venture into the fields of telecommunications, electrical design engineering, instrumentation engineering, and micro-electrical engineering;
  4. Network Engineering: Career prospects with a network engineering degree include becoming a network manager, network analyst, network engineer, network solution architect, or network specialist. 

While the main sectors in which a computer engineering graduate can work today can be summarized:

  1. Cyber ​​security and computer security
  2. artificial intelligence
  3. Big data and data science
  4. Automotive
  5. biomedical
  6. Energy and public utilities
  7. Logistics and transportation
  8. Automation and robotics
  9. Industry 4.0

However, having clarified the different engineering fields to choose from and the main sectors in which a computer engineering graduate could find himself working today, it is equally interesting to understand what companies are looking for today from a recent graduate.

The Skills Required By Companies

Always keeping up with the needs and demands of companies is essential for graduates to increase the opportunities to find work and grow with respect to the initial job position.

For this reason, it is, in fact, essential to know that companies look for in their candidates not only more technical knowledge, which we will see in detail later on, such as, for example, skills for the most requested programming languages or constant updating on all the news of the sector (which is why it is always important to participate in sector events ) but also certain soft skills such as those listed below.


Every company grows if it has a close-knit team that works well together, therefore, knowing how to work as a “team player” is essential to complete the work constructively and positively for the growth of the company business.

Attention To Detail

Engineering and precision are two elements united, which is why companies always expect particular attention to every detail from computer engineers. Their role is, in fact, crucial. Therefore, paying particular attention to even the smallest details can be very important to avoid problems that can also have commercial and social repercussions.


Businesses expect software engineers to understand the need for innovation to solve real-life problems.


Communication is always important and is one of the primary aspects evaluated by a recruiter, who will immediately analyze your communication skills. Therefore it is essential:

  1. send a well-written application;
  2. always be polite;
  3. being able to give examples of situations in which you have used your interpersonal skills. 


Resilience is an element to which recruiters are paying increasing attention. By resilience, we mean being determined, persevering and able to pick yourself up after a setback. To ensure that you have these characteristics, however, an upstream assessment of the sector or role you are applying is essential to understand if it is the most friendly and, therefore, able to provide the necessary motivation to develop the necessary resilience.

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