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Sales Forecasting: What Is It And Why Is It Important

Ever heard of sales forecasting? Being essential to maintain control and obtain greater direction regarding where your company is and where you want to go about sales. This process must be put into practice by any business that aims to grow safely, gaining more visibility and credibility as goals are achieved.

Continue reading and check out more details about sales forecasting and why it is important for a company’s sales team. Enjoy reading!

What Is A Sales Forecast?

Also known as sales forecast or sales projection, it is a strategy whose main objective is to estimate possible sales that may be closed by the company in a given period.

Thus, it is easier to visualize the sales projections and also the billing that can be achieved, but of course, taking into account several internal and external factors, such as the amount invested in marketing, the time of year that will be carried out, as well as the business sales history. Everything to arrive at a realistic and data-based sales forecast, ensuring valuable insights for the strategies used to achieve the business objective.

Discover The Benefits Of Forecasting Sales

Bringing several advantages, implementing a sales forecast provides targeting and improves the performance of the commercial team and other sectors of the organization. Check below other benefits that your business can obtain by having a sales projection:

  • It makes it possible to generate correct expectations about the expected revenue;
  • It helps to optimize processes, observe possible improvements, and direct investments toward strategies that are yielding results;
  • It helps the company to understand its target audience better and direct a more assertive sales approach;
  • It allows you to look at the market and understand the growth variations of your business about the competition.

How To Put The Sales Forecast Into Practice?

Now that you understand sales forecasting and its importance check out some tips for implementing it in your business.

Information Gathering Is Essential

Sales history, looking at the sales funnel, and benchmarking are many ways to get factual information to build your sales forecast.

Analyze The Data

Once you’ve gathered the information, it’s time to extract valuable insights to power your sales forecast report. Some data, such as an average ticket, conversion rate, and the average time your customers take to close a sale, should be considered at this point.

Hands In The Dough. Time To Prepare The Sales Forecast

Using spreadsheets or any other type of tool that your commercial team is already used to gain control of the sector, such as CRM for example,   it is possible to indicate the data that was analyzed and unite in one place the progress of negotiations, a number of a new customer, contract closing expectations and any other information that is relevant for the team to monitor this process in real-time and adapt strategies when necessary.

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Negotiation Techniques: What They Are And What They Are For

Conquering more customers is the desire of any business. However, for this to become effective, it is necessary to practice good negotiation techniques that help sellers when dealing with potential customers.

Certain skills, such as persuasion, good communication, and knowing how to listen to the potential client, make all the difference in overcoming possible objections and reaching a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

To leverage your commercial team, continue reading and understanding more details about negotiation techniques and what they are for and some tips to put into practice to delight and win more customers. Check out!

After All, What Are Negotiation Techniques? 

The commercial team uses some strategies to attract more customers. Thus, through the combination of specific skills and behaviors when contacting potential customers, the seller can practice good techniques that help when closing the deal.

However, here the idea is not to sell at any cost but to understand your potential customer and create assertive, empathetic, and comfortable communication, establishing a relationship of collaboration to solve the problem of the possible customer.

The techniques used are diverse; after all, it is an area that requires not only study to keep up to date but also to understand and put into practice those that work in your business. However, the main ones that end up being used most often are:

  • Use of mental triggers;
  • Putting rapport into practice, creating empathy and trust during negotiation;
  • Be objective and know everything about the product or service being sold to generate more authority and credibility;
  • Break down objections and propose a solution for each hesitation presented by the potential client.

Remembering that these are just some of the existing techniques. It is worth studying your audience and putting into practice the ones that make the most sense with your business objective.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Good Negotiation Techniques?

The great advantage of implementing negotiation techniques in your commercial team is that you have more control over how to close deals and create a more structured process for how this should be done. Thus, by combining salespeople’s skills with proper planning of communicating with this potential customer, the chances of converting them increase.

In addition, when applied at the right time, negotiation techniques only tend to improve further the closing of your sales, which also ends up impacting consumer loyalty and strengthening your business, passing on an image of credibility and efficiency to the market.