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Charge More Efficiently And With Less Power With GaN Technology

Because of rising energy costs, it is worth reducing power consumption at every possible point. This benefits the individual household as well as the environment. However, not all possibilities have been exhausted. Or did you know, for example, that the Energy Agency incurs an average of 115 euros in annual electricity costs just for the standby mode of your devices? 

This also includes the numerous chargers, which are constantly increasing due to the rapidly growing use of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks. With the so-called GaN technology and advanced device concepts, the number of devices and electricity costs can be reduced. But what is behind it?

What Is Behind GaN Technology?

GaN technology uses gallium nitride (GaN) as the semiconductor material. In particular, power packs for charging smartphones and notebooks usually have complex control electronics to optimize the charging process and thus protect the battery. Electronic components such as transistors are based on silicon. 

In the meantime, GaN technology and its manufacturing processes have reached the point where they can be used on a day-to-day basis at reasonable prices. Their advantage lies primarily in their much higher conductivity: GaN transistors can conduct electrons 1,000 times more efficiently than silicon. As a result, power consumption drops significantly, especially since far less energy is converted into heat.

Use Charging Adapters Equipped With GaN Technology And A Power-Stop Function

The higher performance, lower power consumption, and more compact design of chargers with GaN technology already represent enormous progress. The task remains to devote time to the whereabouts of the charging adapter in the socket; power supply units are often hidden under the desk or on the bedside table. 

Who thinks of constantly plugging and unplugging the device when not in use? Even. An innovative alternative has an option that is as simple as it is effective: the powerful USB charging connector PowerSaver 65W from XLayer. A simple push of a button on the protruding button is enough to shut down the power supply and completely interrupt the power supply to the USB ports. In short, the PowerSaver reduces power consumption to 0 watts.

GaN Technology Is Also Gaining Ground In Other Areas

Thanks to modern GaN technology, the XLayer PowerSaver 65W is pleasantly compact and, therefore, ideal for traveling with you. Despite its handy size, the power supply delivers up to 65 watts of output power at its USB-C port and up to 60 watts at the USB-A port. This allows smartphones, tablets, and even notebooks to be recharged in a modern and energy-efficient manner. A tap on the blue button cuts the connection immediately and reduces the power consumption to 0 watts. 

There are no costs due to standby operation. In addition, the power supply has protective devices against overheating and overcharging, which thus ensures the safe charging of your expensive gadgets. Therefore, the XLayer PowerSaver 65W with GaN technology proves to be a modern and energy-saving solution for charging almost all your USB devices safely and efficiently. Thanks to the innovative power-stop function, you don’t have to laboriously pull the power pack out of the floor socket to minimize standby costs.

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