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Top 10 Sites To Create An Avatar Online For Free

Are you also interested in these virtual people close to your real personality? Use one of the following sites to create your avatar.


Available as an app for both iOS and Android, Bitmoji is very easy to use. Just install the application on your phone to start designing the avatar. You’ll start with the FaceFace, but Bitmoji gives you several questions that make the avatar look like you. Clothing, environments, and decorations, everything is available on the platform.

It also considers small details like piercings, hair and skin colors, haircuts, style of clothes you like, etc. To top it off, Bitmoji is a completely free application. Install it on your smartphone and connect to the internet to enjoy all its benefits.

Face. co

Avatars are becoming more and more important. For fun or professional reasons, these characters find their place. To put some on your site or your profile on the networks, offers you several ways to create your avatar. Either you use the site directly or you use their application. The steps to follow are quite easy since the site is dynamic. 

You have to start by choosing your gender. The rest is done almost automatically since you no longer have to click a button to go to the next step. You will choose your preferences until your avatar looks like you. The color palettes for skin, eyes, and hair are very wide. You will then have the possibility of creating a character truly in your image.

Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a good site if you are looking for an easy tool to make your avatar. It is easy to use since you will create your avatar with clicks. Unlike other platforms, this one gives you a choice between all available genders in addition to males and females. You can then insert a photo which is not obligatory.

Thus, the system will give you avatar proposals closest to your physique. Otherwise, you can always choose every detail by yourself. The creation begins with a choice among several avatars from all the origins of the world. You only have to choose the look and the clothes for your avatar.


With this site, you can create an avatar in 4 different ways. First, you need to choose the genre. Either it’s a man, or it’s a woman. If your gender isn’t mentioned, select the one that most closely matches your appearance on the Avatar Maker site. Rest assured, no mention or discrimination of your gender will take place on this type of platform.

Avatar Maker is one of the easiest sites to use. Even if you are not an internet whiz, you will easily know how to design your avatar. To do this, check your mouse. All procedures will be done with clicks. You don’t have to master the technology to have your avatar.

Avatars Generator

This site is quite different from other sites that specialize in creating avatars. On its homepage, you have direct access to the details of your avatar. You will only need to select your preferences from a drop-down menu on a single page. A preview of your avatar appears at the top of the page based on your changes.

You can then check if your avatar looks like you before using it. You will then have the choice between several formats. The most common are PNG and SVG. You will only have to download to use your avatar everywhere. The photos obtained are directly suitable for social networks.


This is the site that reproduces your avatar most authentically. Instead of asking you what your FaceFace looks like, it asks you for your photo. You can take a new photo, like uploading one online. Then everything is taken care of by the site. The latter transforms it into a more stylish format closer to the characters.

The site will limit you to doing some touch-ups and modifications before using the avatar obtained from this site. You can always modify your avatar slightly. Everything is editable for skin color, head shape, accessories like glasses, etc. It will take you less time than other avatar creation sites.

AI Lab

Modern, this site also works with a basic image. You must upload a photo before you can create your avatar. For the rest, you will only need your mouse. AI Lab offers several ways to make your avatar more dynamic. Moreover, it is possible to create animated images.

This platform uses artificial intelligence to create an avatar close to your real profile. You will have an idea of ​​your avatar in a few seconds with a few details. You will only have to make a few modifications to obtain an avatar that looks like you, like two drops of water. To do this, you need to use your mouse.

The main details you will take care of with this platform are the FaceFace and your avatar’s head. You have access to at least 15 different head types. There are no limitations since you can try everything before deciding.

This is also the case with skin colors. As for the details, everything is editable. Indeed, the colors of the eyes, the shape of the FaceFace, the lips, the eyes, etc., are all editable. With this site, everything is free. You only need an internet connection and support showing details to perfect everything. All you have to do is upload your avatar.


There is no complex procedure on this platform. On the home page, you have direct access to the tools allowing you to start with your avatar’s head. The shape of the head, ears, hair, eyes, etc., are the first ones you will complete. Then you will take care of your avatar’s clothes and the environment where it wishes to appear.

You will have the possibility to change the fund where your avatar is located at each opportunity. You can also equip your avatar with accessories. Glasses, piercings, and even hats are all available on this platform.


This site is a tool designed to design your avatar easily. The option to create the avatar is directly accessible from the site’s home page. Also, it does not require registration or commitment for anything. As for the choice of details, he also offers a wide palette. The choice is free for skin colors, face shapes, ears, etc.

Once you have designed your avatar, upload it. You will only have to use a photo in JPG or JPEG format. The platform can also be connected directly to your social media profile, which makes it very convenient for someone comfortable with the internet.

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