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Information Security On Mobile Devices: How To Keep Your Company Risk-Free?

Much has been said about security for the company’s data and network. However, with the advancement of mobile technologies, only some are concerned about information security on mobile devices. Without a safe use policy, they can represent a gateway for external threats and, therefore, need as much attention as any other technological resource connected to the network.

Want to know more about it? We will share some valuable tips for you. Check out!

Why Is Information Security On Mobile Devices So Important?

Digital transformation has boosted business in the online environment. Combining this with the evolution of mobile technologies, more and more remote devices are used to carry out remote work. In other words, mobility has become a corporate strategy. But remote access requires care, not only on the company’s side (networks and databases) but also on the part of the devices where it is performed.

When the devices are used according to the established standard, they prevent the entry of viruses and hackers that can steal sensitive information, delete an entire database, and destroy systems. Many companies have not recovered from such an attack, making mobile devices the next target for security efforts.

How Can You Better Protect Data On Mobile Devices?

Below are some practical tips for orienting your workforce to the risks and bolstering your company’s security. Follow!

Mobilize Users To Increase Cause Buy-In

Before implementing any changes, you need to involve everyone in the project. If a single user follows the adopted procedures, the entire strategy is dismantled, and the risk, although smaller, is still a problem.

Then gather the team to present research data on the subject and give practical examples that occurred in other companies and businesses to justify the new measures. In the process, let them know how important safety is to them. This is the best way to engage users in the project.

Adopt A Secure Access Standard

Register the company’s and employee’s devices used to access the organization’s network and databases and start monitoring and controlling internal and remote access. After all, in addition to limiting the devices that enter the network, it is important to identify patterns of abnormal behavior to block access instantly.

Also, make users aware not to use the open network (public internet), as it does not have protection filters, leaving their logins and passwords exposed to all local users. If the device is lost or stolen, request that they contact the company immediately to block it. Thus, major problems can be avoided.

Create A Password Policy

To make it easier to remember, many people are in the habit of registering easy passwords, such as “123456”, using their birthday or their name. Don’t let this happen to your company. Passwords should have letters, numbers, and special characters mixed for strength.

Also, demand their periodic exchange. Ideally, this should happen monthly or whenever there is suspicion of an imminent threat. Lastly, reminding users to keep their passwords confidential is always good.

Configure Systems

In addition to these procedures, you can rely on technological tools to add greater security to access mobile devices and automate some monitoring and control processes.

Script errors cause database access failures, even if the SQL, for example, is healthy. It often takes time to identify the problem, so it is essential to use the right tools to speed up the process of identifying and correcting failures.

The installation of corporate antivirus, antispyware, and firewall configuration in the operating system are some examples of useful technologies in this regard. These tools can be implemented on the company’s network and mobile devices, creating a seamless security system.

Finally, as you can see, the matter is more serious than many realize. With these tips, you can increase information security on mobile devices, but you need to start soon before the company is affected.

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