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Android 13, Tips And Tricks

Android 13 takes your smartphone’s customization possibilities and privacy protection to the highest levels. It also comes with a built-in QR scanner

The first release of Android 13 was released in February 2022. This is the latest version of the Android operating system and is installed by many smartphone models currently on the market. 

Android 13 presents many interesting changes compared to previous versions. In some cases, revolutionary improvements are available for all supported devices: from Samsung Android to Xiaomi, via Oppo, Honor, Asus, and, obviously, Google Pixel smartphones.

With Android 13, the possibilities for customizing your device rise to the highest. The user can organize content and programs almost to his liking. 

He can activate or deactivate the installed software and choose the colors and icons he prefers. It can even assign different languages ​​to the various apps you use. 

Add to this that with Android 13, an integrated QR code scanner is finally made available to users. To access it, go through the System Settings. 

Finally, the protection of privacy is further enhanced. Specifically, the new Photo Picker function allows you to manage the number of multimedia contents that external apps can access with greater transparency. 

App Management And Notification Customization

Android 13 allows the user to manage the various apps downloaded on their device. This way, you can decrease RAM usage and increase battery life.

To activate or deactivate the apps downloaded in the latest version of Android, access the Task Manager: a software conceptually identical to that in the Windows and macOS operating systems. 

Take the Task Manager of Samsung Android smartphones as an example: a program that allows you to view the apps running services in the foreground.

Through the Task Manager, it is possible to interrupt all the programs in the list of so-called “active apps “: to do this, press the button that reads: “Stop. ” 

Android 13 has also improved and simplified the management of notifications, which can be controlled directly from Settings. From here, you can enable or disable notifications for all programs installed on your smartphone by selecting App Settings. 

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Copy Text, Frame QR Code

The latest version of Android has integrated a function that somewhat revolutionizes the concept of copying text. Many users often need to take portions of what they write and move them elsewhere: from one message to another or perhaps from the body of an email to an internal note. 

With Android 13, it is possible to use an editor for visual notes, considerably expanding the services available. First, more text can be copied. But not only.

The clipboard editor allows you to keep multiple copied texts for as long as you need. It even allows you to edit the copied text before it is pasted. 

The approach to scanning QR codes has also been revolutionized and simplified at the same time. The famous two – dimensional barcodes often refer to external links and pages. 

Over the last few years, many developers have proposed QR scanners for Android: software that only guarantees complete operation on some smartphones that use the operating System. 

With Android 13, an integrated QR scanner is finally proposed. This means that all devices that can install the latest version of Android will automatically have a QR code reader.

To view it, you can switch from the Quick settings: those generally shown with a scroll on the screen from top to bottom. You can select an option called “Scan QR code.”

Advanced Customization

The Android operating System has always been known for the possibilities of intervention that it leaves to its users. A system considered much more open and malleable than iOS. 

With Android 13, customization is taken to the highest levels through a feature called “Material You. “With Material You, you can organize apps and folders to your liking.

But also intervene in the Language of the individual software installed, choose many color combinations, and download customized icon packs. 

With Material You, it is even possible to modify the smartphone’s music player, for example, by intervening on the progress bar while playing a song.

Also new to the music player is the so-called “Media Tap to Transfer.” A function with which the user can transfer the music files being listened to on external devices via Cast, with the simplest of “taps.” 

More Android 13 News

The previous paragraphs mentioned the possibility of assigning different languages ​​to the various apps installed on a device with the Android 13 operating system.

A radical change compared to previous versions allowed you to choose only one Language at a time. To access this function, you need to go to the Settings of your smartphone. From here, you have to select the item named System, the item named Language and input, and the item Language app. 

Finally, space for Photo Picker, the last function of the latest version of Android that guarantees superior protection of one’s privacy. Specifically, Photo Picker prevents installed external apps from accessing private content. 

Photo Picker works almost completely by itself, ensuring that apps can only access selected media files. The user must confirm the photos he wants to upload or share within the single app.