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How To Measure The Impact Of Brand Strategy?

The end of the year also marks the beginning of many things. The end of the year is a good time to review the activities that have been carried out in the past.

 It is also time for public relations and marketing professionals to evaluate the effect of the brand strategy in the past year and report on the success achieved. , a good time to face future challenges and opportunities.

The boss expects us to determine the budget for the coming year on a fact-based basis, and brand evaluation insights can help us do this.

How do we measure and evaluate the success of PR campaigns? Let’s take a look at a few ways to measure the impact of a brand’s strategy.

Media Coverage

The number of times a brand is mentioned in publications and the reach of potential audiences can impact our profitability and is a sufficient basis for measuring media coverage. 

We can evaluate the influence of brand strategy and media relations to know the goal achievement in public relations activities by analyzing the highs and lows of articles reported in a certain period. 

Making comparisons against previous years is a good way to see where you are competing. Media coverage analysis provides answers to the following questions:

Which publications are interested in our brand? Do we need to be more targeted? Are publications of high value to us? Does it lead to a large potential readership and target audience? Which reporter is covering our brand? Have we reached the level of an influential industry voice? What information is circulating? The answer might be a new product launch, company news, or a branding campaign.

What do opinion leaders think about our brand? This can fully indicate whether we need to adjust our external communication information.

Voice Share

Broadcast press releases Measure voice share in terms of publication quality and market response to disseminated information.

Don’t just rush to catch up with your competitors, but beat them! It’s simple, all we need is to monitor our competitors’ PR activities and news, and that’s enough! Suddenly, we have a wealth of useful depth perspectives.

Comparing our performance in terms of market share and corresponding with our competitors is a good way to measure the success of our brand strategy.

For people to remember our brand, we must be memorable and outdo our competitors. The need to repeatedly repeat our brand and outreach message and voice share is an important measure to monitor media coverage. 

However, we should be clear that just getting headlines in a publication isn’t enough; it can’t stop there. Reaching the potential reach of a publication’s target audience is as important as measuring reviews so that you can see how many people visit our message.

Influence In Different Regions

Knowing our brand’s geographic reach helps us measure the reach of our marketing PR campaigns, performance in specific regions, and the combined impact of our brand across countries. 

We might see areas of potential growth or rational decisions to pull resources away from areas where we have little influence. It is also beneficial to compare our market reach with our competitors and find the reasons behind their successes or failures for us to emulate or avoid.

Market Sentiment

The most effective way to measure the success of a brand strategy is to combine qualitative and quantitative data. For example, mentioning our brand in a record number of publications is great unless the mention is promoting us negatively and demeaning our brand. 

Sentiment analysis helps us dig into large amounts of data and reveal the tone of reports, saving face in adverse situations. This metric is useful in times of crisis because it helps us study how a brand message resonates with the media.

Advertising Value Equivalent (AEV)

Online article coverage is a common measure of the value of PR activities and the keyword values, not quantity. The value here refers to the scope of influence and the target audience, and the target audience must be useful to us.

Social Media Report

When measuring the impact of a brand strategy, we should pay close attention to media coverage and keep in mind the people who matter most to us – our customers. Listening to what our customers have to say about us on social media helps us understand:

  • The most engaging marketing PR campaign they found
  • Based on the customer’s participation in marketing PR activities, we can reasonably decide whether to increase marketing PR activities in a certain channel or a certain part of the world.
  • Our social voice share
  • Who are the most influential people? How well do we connect with them?
  • Find out how much our customers love us with market sentiment analysis.

Online article coverage is a common measure of the value of PR activities and the keyword values, not quantity. The value here refers to the scope of influence and the target audience, and the target audience must be useful to us.

 Several high-quality online news monitoring tools, such as the Meltwater PR tool suite, can measure brand strategic impact. Additionally, our newly launched product, Meltwater Pulse, provides strategic analysis and results, enhancing media monitoring campaigns and reporting.

 We can deliver monthly, quarterly, or annual reports straight to our inboxes, easing our busy day-to-day office life and, ideally, earning us compliments from our bosses along the way.


Some brand strategies of enterprises are the business strategies formulated to obtain profits by taking the brand as the core competitiveness—the goal.

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